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  Name Title Email  
  Dr. Bob Roth Interim Resident Director  
Ag-Literacy Outreach    
  Victor Jimenez 4-H Extension Agent  
Agricultural & Biosystems Engineering/Irrigation
  Dr. Edward Martin Extension Irrigation Associate Specialist  
Analytical Laboratory    
  Mike Sheedy Research Specialist  
Community Entomology    
  Dr. Dawn Gouge Associate Specialist/ Professor Entomology  
  Dr. Al Fournier Program Coordinator  
  Dr. Lucy Li Assistant in Extension  
  Dr. Shaku Nair Assistant in Extension  
Cotton Breeding and Variety Testing    
  Dr. Jay Subramani, Research Specialist, Faculty  
Crop Systems    
  Dr. Charles Sanchez Professor Plant Sciences  
  Dr. Dawit Zerihun Post-Doctorate Researcher  
  Mohammad Badaruddin Research Specialist  
  Dr. Peter Ellsworth IPM Specialist  
  Virginia Barkley Research Specialist  
Ginning Facility    
  Mike Sheedy Research Specialist  
  Justin Bond Farm Attendant, Lead  
Irrigation Facility    
  Vince Thacker Assistant Facilities Management Director  
Precision Agriculture    
  Dr. Pedro Andrade Assistant Specialist/ Professor Agric. & Biosystems Engineering  
  John Heun Research Specialist  
Speciality Crops    
  Mike Sheedy Research Specialist  
Water Quality    
  Dr. Channah Rock Assistant Specialist/ Professor Soil, Water & Env Sciences  
  Kelley Riley Research Specialist  
Farm Shop    
  Ed Perry Lead Mechanic

  Craig Sampson Auto/Farm Mechanic  
  Gary Sidwell Farm Attendant, Sr.    
  Bill Holt Auto/Farm Mechanic  
  Vince Thacker Assistant Facilities Management Director  
  Joe Benitez Auto/Farm Mechanic  
Farm-Demonstration and Research    
  Greg Main Superintendent  
        Bill Petty
Farm Supervisor, Sr.  


Farm Attendant, Sr.    
           John Cross
Farm Attendant    
             Lucius Setoyant Farm Attendant, Sr.    
             Miguel Lizarraga Farm Attendant, Sr.    
           Clint Jones Farm Supervisor, Sr.  
              Ismael Cervantes Farm Attendant, Sr.    
              Tiburcio Contreras Farm Attendant, Sr.    
              Alejandro Robles-Romo Farm Attendant, Sr.    
              Francisco Flores Farm Attendant, Sr    
              Chris Magdaleno Farm Attendant, Sr    
           Justin Bond Farm Attendant, Lead  
           Curtis Main Farm Attendant, Lead  
  Vince Thacker Assistant Facilities Management Director  
  Joe Benitez Auto/Farm Mechanic  
  Terry Sexton Farm Attendant, Sr.    
  Paul Cluff General Maintenance Mechanic    
Administrative Support Staff    
  Suzanne Ernstein Business Manager, Senior  
  Cody Jackson Administrative Associate  
  Bailey Stuart Administrative Assistant  
  Vince Thacker Assistant Facilities Management Director  
  Dr. Dan Warren Principal Systems Administrator  
  Hermelinda Tow Lead Custodian  


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