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cotton blosoomMy goal is to develop germplasm that produces high yields yet maintains a premium micronaire.

Contact: Jay Subramani, email of


 The irrigation program deals with all facets of agricultural irrigation from water delivery to crop water use. Recent research projects have included using drainage lysimeters like the one pictured to the right to help assess the potential impact of nitrogen and irrigation management on the potential for nitrate leaching.

For more information about this program see the Irrigation website.

Contact: Ed Martin, email of

Specialty crops

jojoba at MAC At MAC there are several unique crops studies in order to study alternative uses and modification of cultural practices to improve yields.

Crops studied include guayule, hesperaloe, jojoba, and lesquerella.

Crop work throughout Arizona is highlighted at the Arizona Crop Information Site.

Contact: Bob Roth at email of


Arizona has a long history in chronic insect invasions. As Arizona's agriculture continues to diverse, it has become increasingly important for the cotton grower to know what's growing on the other side of the fence. Accordingly, it has become important for University research and extension faculty to develop research, solutions, and recommendations that are consistent with multiple-crop communities.

Contact: Peter Ellsworth, email of

Urban entomology

Urban integrated pest management is aimed at controlling insects by offering a better alternative to the routine chemical spraying.

Contact: Dawn Gouge, email of

Private companies

We have a host of diverse industry representatives performing research at our facility including turfgrass breeding and synthetic rubber manufacturing. If you are interested in leasing the MAC facilities, please contact Bob Roth, Resident Director, email of

A companies involved in research at MAC are Seeds West Inc. and Yulex


The Pima genetics and germplasm enhancement project is a component of the Cotton Physiology, Genetics, and Host Plant Resistance Research Unit, Western Cotton Research Laboratory, Maricopa, Arizona. The project is headed by Dr. Richard G. Percy, a research geneticist, who serves as the sole USDA-ARS scientist dedicated to investigations of Pima Cotton. The project mission is to increase the basic genetic knowledge of the Gossypium barbadense species, genetically enhance elite and primitive germplasm, and develop and maintain genetic and germplasm resources.

Contact: Richard Percy, email of

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