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Photo Station #061

AUG19140 AUG 1914 1

Photo Archive No. 61.1.1914.08

Perm. No. Santa Rita. Temp. No. 1960. Photo Sta #61. Looking N.E. along the Apache trail. Taken about midway between Whitehouse and McCleary's Camp, Huerfano Butte in distance. Photo by Forbes. 8/23/14. (Forbes No. 409). Compare with #1861 (104-C).

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JUL19350 JUL 1935 1

Photo Archive No. 61.1.1935.07

Perm. No. 328662. Temp. No. 1861. Photo Station #61. On east boundary fence of pasture No. 4 a quarter mile north of the southeast corner. This photo is a retake of (Forbes #409) Santa Rita 1960. Original photo shows excellent stand of grass. Current photo somewhat lower density of grasses and considerably more calliandra. 1-f32-8"-K2-V. Photo by Cribbs, S.R.E.R. 7/1/35. 104-C.

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NOV19500 NOV 1950 1

Photo Archive No. 61.1.1950.11

11/50. R-221. Santa Rita Exp. Range, Ariz. Photo points. Photo Sta. 61. H.G. Reynolds. 10H(3)b.

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OCT19510 OCT 1951 1

Photo Archive No. 61.1.1951.10

P.S. 61. B-51-52. Along east fence of Past. 4. Looking north. 50-32-13-3/4". Repeat of Forbes 409. Bohning, SRER. 5 Oct 1951.

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APR19840 APR 1984 1

Photo Archive No. 61.1.1984.04

PS 61. Azimuth 10. April 20, 1984. RFB. Honeywell Pentax 35mm camera. 35mm WA lens. f:11-16 1/125 20'. 1:00 P.M. Robert F. Buttery.

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APR19880 APR 1988 1

Photo Archive No. 61.1.1988.04

PS-61. Az 10. April 19, 1988. RFB. Canon AE-1 camera. 35mm WA lens. Robert F. Buttery.

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MAY20001 MAY 2000 1

Photo Archive No. 61.1.2000.05

PS 61. May 17, 2000, 11:30 a.m. Facing north. Azimuth 10. ASA 135, Plus X film. 35mm lens focal length. In east fence of Pasture 4; marked post by fence. Trees unchanged since 1951; mainly Eragrostis lehmanniana; some Boer's lovegrass; Baccharis pteronioides; trees all mesquite. The 1988 view looks further east than previous views. M. McClaran.

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061_1_2007_04 APR 2007 1

Photo Archive No. 61.1.2007.04

PS. 061. 09 April 2007. Facing north, Azimuth 10. Pasture 4. Elevation 1224 m. ISO 100, 35mm focal length, Canon 5D Digital Camera. Witness present, camera above. Mesquite alive, ocotillo, Calliandra in flower, catclaw small shrubs, and desert spoon far right midground. Fire burned lightly across view in 2005, small catclaw now resprouting, and many dead grass plants. Areas upslope and downslope burned hotter and dead mesquite in those areas. Lehmann lovegrass dominant with many small plants recruited recently, also find Boers lovegrass, and Setaria under mesquite. The distant right large tree present in 1914 was probably an oak, and the trunk of that plants appears to be present I the wash below original location. Barrel cactus far left survived 2005 fire. Compared to 2000, less grass, less cholla (did not survive fire) and bigger ocotillo. M. McClaran photographer, C. McMurtry assistant.

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061_1_2009_03 MAR 2009 1

Photo Archive No. 61.1.2009.03

PS. 061. 18 March 2009. Facing north, Azimuth 10. Pasture 4. Elevation 1227 m. ISO 100, 35mm focal length, Canon 5D Digital Camera. Witness present, camera above. Mesquite alive, ocotillo, desert spoon far right midground. Lehmann lovegrass common, with Setaria, and cane beardgrass plants scattered; also find threeawns and a few cottontop. The area appears to have been covered with dodder in the recent past (probably 2 years ago because litter is grey in color) because litter includes that type of plant, and the density of grass has decreased and Calliandra is now absent compared to 2007. This absence is almost unique to this view because to the left and right, as well as up and down slope, there are no such bare-ground conditions. In addition, six sandbur plants (Cenchrus sp. perennial longevity) were found and dug-up (but not removed) to the immediate left and behind the few in this photo. First time I have seen that species on the Santa Rita. Compared to 2000, ocotillo in foreground is dead and on ground; no Calliandra present now; and four saltbush saplings are near the two Mimosa plants in the near center-midground area. M. McClaran photographer, A. Peterson assistant.

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