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Photo Station #091

OCT19180 OCT 1918 1

Photo Archive No. 91.1.1918.10

Temporary No. 34. Permanent No. 39848A. FPI-3. Santa Rita Range Reserve. Pasture 8 - north end Arizona. Made by R.L. Hensel on 21 Oct 1918 at 12:10 p.m. Using stop No. 45. Direction NW. Light clear 1 sec. General view looking west of quadrat A5P. Taken to show how range looked before heavy grazing started after 15 years of protection. Photo Sta. #91.104-C.

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AUG19300 AUG 1930 1

Photo Archive No. 91.1.1930.08

Temp. No. 706. Permanent No. 249878. Photo taken from the vicinity of Quadrat A5P looking west, to be compared with Photo 39848A. August 1930. Photo Sta #91. Also compare with 328880. Inside Desert Grassland enclosure just west of lab. 10H(3)b. Santa Rita Exp. Range Ariz. WO-249878.

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SEP19350 SEP 1935 1

Photo Archive No. 91.1.1935.09

Perm. No. 328880. Temp. No. 2098. Photo Sta. #91. Photograph taken from the vicinity of Quadrat A5P and looking west. Retake of 249878 taken in 1930. To be compared. Photo by Cribbs of S.R.E.R. 9/12/35. Exp. 1/5 - 45 - 8 - CP. Also compare 39848A. 104-C.

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OCT19470 OCT 1947 1

Photo Archive No. 91.1.1947.10

Temporary No. M315. 10/27/47. Project NPC. Experimental Range or National Forest S.R. Pasture 8 (D.G. enclosure). Photographer SCM. Repeat photo of W.O. #249878. 10H(3)b. NOTE: Photo M314 also archived under this number but not included on the web page is the same view.

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JUL19850 JUL 1985 1

Photo Archive No. 91.1.1985.07

PS 91. Azimuth 292. July 11, 1985. RFB. Canon AE-1 camera (35mm). 35mm WA lens. Robert F. Buttery.

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MAY20001 MAY 2000 1

Photo Archive No. 91.1.2000.05

PS 91. May 17, 2000, 2:30 p.m. Facing west. Azimuth 292. Pasture 8. ASA 135, Plus X film. 35mm lens focal length. West end of enclosure at first large exclosure fence west of headquarters; no fence post, did not place one. Eragrostis lehmanniana, burroweed in foreground; cottontop under trees. Behind fence is snakeweed. M. McClaran.

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091_1_2007_03 MAR 2007 1

Photo Archive No. 91.1.2007.04

PS. 091. 26 March 2007. Facing west, Azimuth 292. Pasture 8. Elevation 1190 m. ISO 100, 35mm focal length, Canon 5D Digital Camera. No witness present, camera placed above flat rock 15 cm long. Mesquite alive, velvet pod mimosa present left foreground before fence. Scattered snakeweed, burroweed, and shrubby buckwheat beyond fence. Lehmann lovegrass dominant, scattered cottontop plants. Under mesquite find cottontop. Compared to 2000, very similar. M. McClaran photographer, M. McGregor assistant.

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091_1_2010_03 MAR 2010 1

Photo Archive No. 91.1.2010.04

PS. 091. 17 March 2010 9:40 AM. Facing west, Azimuth 240. Pasture 8. Elevation 1185 m. ISO 100, 35mm focal length, Canon 5D Mark II Digital Camera. Witness is white rebar next to flat rock 15 cm long; camera placed above. Mesquite alive, velvet pod mimosa present left foreground before fence. One snakeweed and one burroweed. Lehmann lovegrass dominant, scattered cottontop and black grama plants. A few poppies blooming. Under mesquite find cottontop and Setaria. Fate of mesquite from 1918 photo; numbering left to right from man in 1918 photo. Far left plant; out of view in 1918, but branches appear in 1930 photo. Mid-left plant present in 1918 photo and present today with barrel beneath. Right-center mesquite is blocked by man in 1918, and is alive today. Right-side plant is alive today but hidden by foreground mesquite in front of fence. Compared to 2007, no shrubby buckwheat found beyond fence. M. McClaran photographer, A. Dalke assistant.

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