Useful Websites for Arizona PCAs and Citrus Growers
This website provides product and sprayer calibration information for the TeeJet Corporation. It includes a spray calibration calculator and spray tip selection guide. Also, there is information on droplet size and drift, drift causes and control, an Engineer's guide to drop size, spray distribution quality, and spray tip wear. There are also formulas and conversion factors, spray coverage information for the various TeeJet products, nozzle nomenclature, and pressure information.
The above web site provides labels and MSDS as well as links (e.g., addresses for pesticide manufacturer's web sites). This site supplies users with up to date labels and MSDS from over 80 manufacturers, for free. CDMS also has started a new consulting services division that can provide interested parties with real-time pesticide use data.
Chemical and Pharmaceutical Press, Inc. compiles pesticide product information (labels, supplemental labels, and MSDS's) provided directly by the pesticide companies in an unbiased presentation, adding extensive features to help users locate the specific information they need. We make this information available directly through books, CD-ROMs, and the Internet, as described in this site. Our databases are also used in a variety of services provided by other companies.
The U. of A. Pesticide Information and Training Office provides statewide leadership in educational programs concerning pesticide safety and information for the residents of Arizona. This site provides information about agricultural and structural pesticide applicators certification, pesticide application in field and orchard crops, and links to USDA crop profiles for Arizona grown crops.
University of California IPM Web page. Has extensive information on how to manage pests in a variety of crops. There is a photo gallery of weeds, pesticide management guidelines and pesticide use information. For citrus, there is general pesticide information, and information on diseases, insects, mites, snails, nematodes, plant growth regulators, and weeds.
EPA worker protection standard information.
Homepage of the California Certified Organic Farmers. The CCOF handbook, providing a wealth of information about organic production is on this site.
UC Davis site for general citrus information and links. Provides links to information on all aspects of citrus growing, economics and organizations in California, and links to sites that are located elsewhere.
The ultimate citrus page. The most extensive citrus information site on the web. Heavily tilted to Florida information, and to processing. For a fee, you can sign up for a daily citrus news release. For example, a recent issue of the news release contained citrus crop and weather report for Florida, an article about marketing Florida citrus in India, the California Citrus Mutual's marketing memo, an article about Brazilian juice production, and a series of links to the Foreign Agricultural Service's attaché reports on citrus around the world.