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Welcome to the website of the Yuma Agricultural Center of the University of Arizona. The center includes two separate research facilities, the Yuma Valley and Yuma Mesa research facilities. The Yuma Valley facility includes 274 acres of farm land located in the former flood plain of the Colorado River and primarily consists of fine textured soils. The Yuma Mesa farm includes 240 acres primarily consisting of coarse textured soils. Both farms have office, laboratory, and greenhouse facilities.

The Yuma Agricultural center is staffed with nine faculty from four academic departments including Plant Sciences, Entomology, Soil, Water, and Environmental Sciences, and Agricultural and Biosystems Engineering. Research and outreach programs at the center include plant physiology, plant biochemistry, crop production, insect biology and control, disease biology and control, weed ecology, soil and water management, fate and transport of environmental contaminants, food safety, and agricultural mechanization. The faculty at this center are supported by a staff of research specialists and post-doctoral research associates, farm support, and clerical support for a total support staff of 30 to 40 individuals. Many of our programs support the high value vegetable and citrus industries in the lower Colorado River region.

The faculty at this center also contribute to a local teaching program offered through the University of Arizona-Yuma in cooperation with Arizona Western College, and Northern Arizona University. Degree programs in Agricultural Systems Management and Crop Production can be initiated locally.

I hope you find the information you seek while visiting our website. If you do not find what you are looking for do not hesitate to contact myself for general information or one of the faculty if your question is disciplinary specific by e-mail. We appreciate your interest in our research facility.

Kurt Nolte
Yuma Agricultural Center

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