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Our Committed Alumni,
Kelly and Cheryl Keithly

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The Keithlys consistently demonstrate their commitment to both their community and to education.  They have received numerous awards including the Professional Achievement Award from the CALS School of Family and Consumer Sciences for Cheryl, and the UA Alumni Association Distinguished Citizen award for Kelly.  Both Kelly and Cheryl are active in the CALS Alumni Council and the Ag 100 Council and they jointly received the CALS Alumni Achievement Award in 2009.

Over the years they have pledged financial support for the Norton Family & Consumer Sciences building on the UA campus and the Glen Curtis Research Building in Yuma.   Their son-in-law, Pat Cooley, who is a full business partner in Keithly Williams Seeds, continues the family tradition of philanthropy by renewing the annual pledge to support the Glen Curtis Building and research at the Yuma Agricultural Center.  He feels strongly about his contribution because “the work done by UA CALS is important for Yuma and the entire Ag industry.”

Students in CALS have benefited from the Keithlys' generosity too.  Kelly and Cheryl have supported Student Leadership Development efforts, the YumaCats scholarship fundraising endeavors, and Cheryl was able to honor her passion for health and nutrition by providing funding for an exceptional young Nutritional Sciences PhD candidate who was in need of assistance in order to continue her education.

“We have been abundantly blessed,” said Cheryl, “and giving back doubles our blessing.  It’s so satisfying to ‘pay it forward’.  Tuition does not cover all costs, and the state just can’t pay as much anymore, so it’s important for alumni to help – our College needs us.”

In the current economic climate, donors have more opportunities than ever to make a significant impact with their gifts.  We are proud of our loyal alumni like Kelly and Cheryl, whose contributions to education help to shape the path of current and prospective students.
Cheryl Keithly
Cheryl with Dean Jim Christenson at a CALS Alumni Council event the Keithlys' son-in-law, Pat Cooley, hosted in March 2011.