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A named, endowed chair is one of the most prestigious honors available -- both to the supporters that create it, and the faculty member ultimately chosen to fill the position. It is a significant tribute for the chosen academician. Only the most outstanding scholars, at the height of their careers, are considered for endowed chairs. The presence of such renowned scholars attracts other prominent faculty members and students, and leads to research, public service and academic programs of the highest quality.

The minimum amount to establish an endowed chair is
$1.5 million. This may pay a portion of the chair-holder's salary, research, equipment and publications expenses; fellowships and assistantships.

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Endowed Chair
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A gift from the estate of Phyllis Rosina Ede Hislop in the amount of $1.25 million funds the Phyllis and Roy Hislop Endowed Chair in Animal Sciences. The chair honors the memories of Roy R. Hislop, Phyllis Rosina Ede Hislop, William J. Ede and Rosina Ede.

Phyllis' husband Roy, a longtime Phoenix cattleman, cross-bred breeds to produce beef with minimum fat so the cattle would be a useful food source, not just heavy show animals.

Ronald E. Allen, head of the UA animal sciences department, was appointed as the chair's first recipient. The annual payout from the endowed chair will provide unrestricted funding for Allen to pursue and further develop his research interests.

Allen's research has promising implications in areas ranging from improved medical treatments for muscle injuries to better understanding of the human aging process. Also, Allen's work in animal growth is helping the cattle industry develop new methods to increase food production at lower costs while enhancing animal health.

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Phyllis & Roy Hislop