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Endowments serve as self-renewing sources of funding that support the college's long-term strategies. Because it is the interest income, and not the principal itself, that serves as a source of available funds, the gift of an endowment represents a perpetual legacy.

Endowments give us the opportunity to attract the best and brightest scholars and researchers to our college. They, in turn, are challenged to make new discoveries that benefit humankind and bring acclaim to our college.

Created explicitly as a legacy or memorial, named endowments bring honor to the beneficiaries, as well as to the person for whom the endowment is named.

The College of Agriculture currently holds close to 20 of the 80 UA endowed faculty positions for eminent scholars, including chairs, visiting professorships, distinguished professorships and lectureships.

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Types of Endowments:
• Endowed Chair
• Distinguished Professorship
• Distinguished Fellowship
• Lectureship
• Programs

Endowment - a Perpetual Legacy
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• Outright Gifts
• Scholarships
• Planned Giving
• Donate Online