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Dr. Marchello

Dr. John Marchello


Meats Lab 4181 N. Campbell Ave.
P. O. Box 210038
Tucson, AZ 85721
(520) 318-7021


Classes Taught

Dr. Marchello has been a member of the University of Arizona Animal Sciences faculty since 1965. He serves as a Professor of Meat Science and Muscle Biology and his courses focus on food safety issues, meat animal evaluation, carcasses and meat cuts. He also manages the UA Food Products and Safety Laboratory, which is a USDA inspected meat processing facility. Dr. Marchello is very active in meat science extension education and provides many food safety and meat cutting seminars around the state each year. Dr. Marchello is also the coach of the U of A Rodeo Team.

Research Interests

Meat Science and Muscle Biology, plus safety issues regarding meat animals and other food items.

Dr. Marchello's past research has involved:

Selected Publications

Marchello - Meat Lab

Meats Lab
4181 N. Campbell Ave.
Phone: 520-318-7021
Fax: 520-318-7019


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