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Dr. Dave Schafer

Dave Schafer

Resident Director/Assistant Research Scientist - V Bar V Ranch
College of Agriculture & Life Sciences Experiment Station

V Bar V Ranch
4005 N. Forest Road 618
Rimrock, AZ 86335
Office: 928-567-6954 x 11
Fax: 928-592-0318


Dr. Schafer has been involved in the cattle industry since his early years on his family farm in Missouri. After completing his education in Animal Breeding and Genetics at Colorado State he became Research Associate and manager of the San Juan Basin Research Center for Colorado State in 1993. He joined the U of A as Director of the V Bar V Ranch in 1999.

The V Bar V is the newest U of A agricultural center, established in 1995, which addresses environmental, wildlife and domestic livestock issues applicable to Arizona and the Southwest. The historic V Bar V is a 57-pasture grazing allotment totaling 77,000 acres that runs about 30 miles east from Camp Verde along the Mogollon Rim. It varies between four and five miles in width and spans Coconino and Yavapai counties.

The variations in elevation allow the UA College of Agriculture and Life Sciences to expand its experiment station network to include higher elevation ecosystems. In addition to 550 cattle, the ranch is also home for a wide variety of wildlife, ranging from mammals, birds and fish to reptiles and amphibians.

Vegetation zones, including high desert chaparral, pinyon-juniper woodland, and pine forest, are typical of those on most of the commercial ranches in central and northern Arizona. The V Bar V is a fully operating, working ranch. Research involves an applied approach to problem-solving, rather that laboratory studies in basic science. Current studies focus on three main areas: cow herd management; range and watershed activities, and wildlife interactions, particularly with elk.

The V Bar V employs student interns each year and also hosts University classes and workshops to give students hands-on experience with the beef industry.

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