The University of Arizona

The Effects of Linoleic and Linolenic Acid Supplementation (Megalac® and Megalac-R®) on Uterine Immune Response Post Partum

Angela J. Bowen, Dr. Roy L. Ax.
Department of Animal Sciences,University of Arizona, Tucson, Arizona 2006

Previous research conducted by Bonnie Jones M.S. and Dr. Roy Ax at the University of Arizona has shown that the supplementation of linoleic and linolenic acid can have a significant beneficial effect on the reproductive efficiency of dairy cattle.

Further study of the mechanism and impact specifically on the immune response in the uterus during the early post partum period is being undertaken by Angela Bowen under Dr. Ax's supervision.

Specifically, the effects of linoleic and linolenic acid on embryo quality, pregnancy rates, neutrophil populations in the uterus and retained placentas are being evaluated. Cooperating with this research is Dr. Scott Josephson DVM from Minnesota and Genex Genesis MOET herd in Shawano, WI.

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