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Independent Study Guidelines

Independent Study is a credit option that allows students to earn University credit for an educational experience outside of the classroom. Independent study consists of an educational project that is overseen by individual professors or lecturers.


Each independent study project is designed by a faculty member and each project is different. Past animal science projects include:


One unit of credit is awarded for every 45 hours of work. The amount of work and hours and credit to be awarded must be decided prior to registration for the course. Students must fill out an Independent Study Proposal Form before registering for credit or beginning the experience. This form outlines the student's responsibilities, work hours and amount of credit to be awarded. The form is then returned to the Undergraduate Coordinator, Dan Kiesling, Shantz 231 (520) 621-5810.

Once the form is complete the student can then submit a Change of Schedule Form signed by the supervising instructor to the department for the appropriate Independent Study course (199/299/399/499/599/699/799) by the deadline specified for the semester in which the credit will be earned. Independent study credits will not be awarded retroactively for projects performed at an earlier time.

Reminder: The last day to register for courses without a $250 late charge in the Fall/Spring Semesters is the 21st day after the first day of classes; for Winter/Summer Sessions (to avoid a $50 late charge) register by the last day to drop with deletion from the record.

The grades available for internship courses are limited to S (superior), P (passing), C (average), D (poor), E (failure), I (incomplete), W (withdraw). Consequently, it is possible for a student intern to receive a poor or failing grade for the course. S/P grades do not calculate into a student's grade-point-average.

The Independent Study Proposal Form can be found online at:

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