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Students in the Department of Animal Sciences are eligible for over $560,000 in scholarships from the College of Agriculture and Life Sciences and also for an additional $100,000 in scholarship from the Department of Animal Sciences.

The process is very simple.Students fill out one scholarship application to apply for all College and Department scholarships.These applications are done online and are posted on the Internet January1 each year.The application must be submitted by April 1 and students are notified over the summer if they receive a scholarship.

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The University of Arizona also has many scholarships available for students.You can find more information about University scholarships by visiting

If you would like to learn more about Financial Aid, student loans and grant programs visit the University's Office of Financial Aid website at

For more information about Financial Aid in general and what programs are best for you, consult the Student Guide to Federal Financial Aid Programs at

To be eligible for scholarships or financial aid, you must fill out a Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA).This can be done online at

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