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25th Annual Southwest Nutrition and Management Conference
Conference Brochure

Pre-Conference Symposium
Thursday February 25, 2010
Virtus Nutrition

José Eduardo P. Santos, Ph.D.
Nutrition and Reproduction in Dairy Cattle

Neil Michael, DVM
Improving Pregnancy Production on Commercial Dairies

William Thatcher, Ph.D.
Nutritional Modulation of Immune-Function and Compatibility with Pregnancy

Southwest Nutrition and Management Conference
February 25 - 26, 2010

Gary Sipiorski
Economic Outlook for the Dairy Industry

John Gilliand
A Perspective on Choosing a Product or Service for the Farm

Michael L. Galyean, Ph.D.
The Future of Feedlot Beef Production

Barry J. Bradford, Ph.D.
Influence of Inflammation on Metabolism in Transition Cows

John Fetrow, VMD, MBA
Evaluating Added Inputs on a Dairy

Tom A. Yazwinski, Ph.D.
Current Considerations and Findings Relative to Helminth (worm) Control in Beef and Dairy Cattle in the U.S.A.

Gary F. Hartnell, Ph.D., PAS Dip ACAN
Do Genetically Engineered Crops Make Economic Sense?

Charles Schwab
Amino Acid Formulations for Dairies

Michelle L. Rhoads, Ph.D.
Reproduction and Hormones that Regulate Energy Balance

Ty E. Lawrence
Beef Quality 101 – The Crossroads of Appearance and Palatability