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Abigail Boor
Abigail Boor
ThesisA Simultaneous Analysis of the Adoption of Roundup Ready Cotton and Conservation Tillage

Advisor: Frisvold
Senior Associate, KPMG, Washington, D.C.
Melissa Burns
Melissa Burns
Environmental Justice: The Arizona Experience
Advisor: Cory
Placement: Manager, KPMG, Washington, DC
Charles Flynt
Charles Flynt
Point and Interval Estimation in Cross-Sectional Stochastic Frontier Models: The Effects of Sample Size
Advisor: Aradhyula & Beattie
Placement: Risk Manager/ Econometrician, American Express, Phoenix, AZ
Zhihua Li Zhihua Li
ThesisEstimation of the Premium Rate of Crop Insurance by Nonparametric Method

Advisor: Ker
Robert Needham Robert Needham
Thesis:An Econometric Evaluation of Water Conservation Programs: The Case of Arizona's Groundwater Management Act

Advisor: Wilson
Placement: Regional Economist, US Army Corps of Engineers, Houston, TX
Naveen Pentakota Naveen Pentakota
Thesis: Range Estimation of Stock Market Index Using Extreme Value Apporach

Advisor: Aradhyula
Placement: Manager, Novartis, Hyderabad, India
Srinivasa Ponnaluru Srinivasa Ponnaluru
ThesisEstimation of the Carbon Supply Curves for the Arizona's Statelands: A Preliminary Approach

Advisor: Frisvold
Placement: Post-Doc., Impact Center, Washington State University, Pullman, WA
Abdoul Sam Abdoul Sam, Ph.D.
Dissertation: Essays in Applied Econometrics

Advisor: Ker
Placement: Assistant Prof.,
Agricultural, Environmental & Development Economics, Ohio State University, Columbus, OH
Hai-lan Yang
Hai-lan YangThesisWaste Management Policies and Implications: Case Study of Taipei and Kaohsiung, Taiwan
Advisor: Innes
Placement: Ph.D. prg., ECON, Iowa State University, Ames, IA
Department of Agricultural & Resource Economics
1110 E James E Rogers Way,
Cesar Chavez Building, Room 319, Tucson, Arizona 85721-0023, (520) 621-2421, FAX (520) 621-6250
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