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Olivia Armenta
Olivia Armenta
The Adoption of Improved Agricultural Techniques in Mozambique: An Empirical Approach


David Brettler
David Brettler
Coursework Option
Advisor: Frisvold
Faculty at Miami Dade College, Miami, FL
Shailaja Deva
Shailaja Deva
Agricultural and Water Use in the West
Advisor: Frisvold
Placement: Credit Policy  & Risk Analyst, HSBC, Chicago, IL
Santiago Guerrero Santiago Guerrero
ThesisSelf-Policing in Environmental Regulation: An Empirical Approach

Advisor: Innes
Placement: Mexican Central Bank, Mexico City, Mexico
Mini Kohli Mini Kohler
Thesis: Maximum Contaminant Level Regulation and its Violation: An Econometric Analysis of Drinking Water Systems in Arizona

Advisor: Rahman
Placement: Risk Management Consultant, Wells Fargo, San Francisco, CA
Arnab Mitra Arnab Mitra
ThesisThe Interaction Between Corruption, Pollution and Openness: A Panel Data Study

Advisor: Innes
Placement: Post-Doc., ERB Institute, University of Michigan, Ann Arbor, MI
Katherine Pittenger Katherine Pittenger
Thesis: Economic Arrangements to Improve Dry Year Supply Reliability in the Lower Colorado River Basin

Advisor: Colby
Placement: Ph.D. prg., AREC, University of California, Davis, CA
Jennifer Pullen Jennifer Pullen
ThesisImplications of Climate Variability on Western Water Transitions

: Colby
Kumaran Seenivasan Kumaran Seenivasan
ThesisImpact of International Trade on Income and Income Inequality

Advisor: Aradhyula and Rahman
Placement: Senior Statistical Analyst, Wellcare, Tampa, FL
Qingqing Wu
Qingqing Wu
Thesis:Who Listens when China Whispers?  An Empirical Study of China’s News Effect on Seven World Stock Markets

: Aradhyula
Placement: Ph.D. prg., Finance, Arizona State University, Phoenix, AZ

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