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Ben Albright
Ben Albright
Thesis: Modeling Time Varying Volatility and Skewness
Advisor: Aradhyula
Analyst, Allstate, Northbrook, IL
Peter Burns
Pete Burns
Environmental Justice and Prioritizing the Remediation of Contaminated Land Resources in Arizona
Advisor: Cory
Placement: Manager, Price Waterhouse, Washington, DC
Bhagyam Chandrasekharan
Bhagyam Chandrasekharan
Improving Load Forecasting Techniques: Adapting to Climate Change
Advisor: Colby
Placement: Ph.D. prg. AREC, Washington State University, Pullman, WA

Todd Gaston Todd Gaston
Thesis: Agricultural Water Demand Along the Lower Colorado River Mainstem: Developing and Testing a Three-Model Approach for Econometric Analysis

Advisor: Frisvold
Jorge Lara Alvarez Jorge Lara Alvarez
Effect of a Conditional Cash Transfer Program on Early Childhood Nutrition: The Experience of Urban Mexico
Advisor: Rahman
Placement: Ph.D. prg., Econ., Oxford University, U.K.
Haoting Luo Haoting Luo
Thesis: Distribution of Learning Benefits for Online AgEcon Courses
Advisor: Dahlgran
Zeyn Mirza Zeyn Mirza
Thesis: Climate Change in Agriculture
Advisor: Frisvold
Ibrahima Sall Ibrahima Sall
Thesis: Alliance and Risk Preference for Beef Quality Assurance Producers
Advisor: Tronstad
Placement: Ph.D. prg., Arid Lands, University of Arizona, Tucson, AZ
Ana Unda
Ana Unda
ThesisModeling Enrollment Outcome at The University of Arizona using Logistic Modeling Technique

Advisor: Aradhyula
Placement: Program Coordinator, University of Arizona, Tucson, AZ
Department of Agricultural & Resource Economics
1110 E James E Rogers Way
, Cesar Chavez Building, Room 319, Tucson, Arizona 85721-0023, (520) 621-2421, FAX (520) 621-6250
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