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Agricultural & Resource Economics
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Environmental & Natural Resource Policy

Agricultural Biotechnology

Economics of Bt Cotton
AgBioForum–A magazine devoted to the economics and management of agro-biotechnology
International Consortium on Agricultural Biotechnology Research (ICABR)
Regional Research Project NE-165

Economic Impacts of Bt Cotton Adoption: A National and Regional Assessment
–George Frisvold, Russell Tronstad, and Jorgen Mortensen
Who Gains from Genetic Improvements in U.S. Crops?
–George Frisvold, John Sullivan and Anton Raneses
Bt Cotton Adoption in The U.S. and China: International Trade and Welfare Effects
–George Frisvold, Jeanne Reeves, and Russell Tronstad
The Costs and Benefits of Refuge Requirements: The Case of Bt Cotton
–George Frisvold and Jeanne Reeves
Can Transgenic Crops and IPM Be Compatible?
–George Frisvold
Diffusion of Bt Cotton and Insecticide Use
–George Frisvold
Adoption of Best Management Practices to Control Weed Resistance By Cotton, Corn, and Soybean Growers
–George Frisvold, Terrance Hurley, and Paul Mitchell
Crop Genetic Resources: An Economic Appraisal
–Kelly Day Rubenstein, Paul Heisey, Robbin Shoemaker, John Sullivan, and George Frisvold
Economy-wide Impacts of Bt Cotton
–George Frisvold and Jeanne Reeves

Climate Change

Global Climate Change and Agriculture
–Marinos Tsigas, George Frisvold, and Betsey Kuhn
Climate Change and Agricultural Technology Transfer
Economic and Welfare Impacts of Climate Change on Developing Countries
–Paul Winters, Rinku Murgai, Elisabeth Sadoulet, Alain de Janvry, and George Frisvold
Climate Change: Economic Implications for the Southwest
–George Frisvold

Endangered Species/Biodiversity

Bioprospecting and Biodiversity Conservation: What Happens When Discoveries Are Made?
–George Frisvold and Kelly Day-Rubenstein
The Economics of Endangered Species
–George Frisvold and Robert Innes


Arizona Solar Energy and Economics Outlook
–George Frisvold, Willam Patton, and Stan Reynolds

Invasive Species

A Dynamic Defense against Buffelgrass
Decision Model for Controlling Buffelgrass Invasion in an Urban-Wildland Interface
–George Frisvold, AarynOlson, Travis Bean, Julio Betancourt, Stuart Marsh, and Barron Orr

Outdoor Recreation and Tourism

Park Planning beyond Park Boundaries: A Grand Canyon Case Study
–Julie Leones and George Frisvold
How Can Tourism Research Benefit from Multi-disciplinary Assessment of Climate Change? Lessons from the U.S. Southwest
–Barbara Morehouse, George Frisvold, and Roslind Bark-Hodgins
Demand for Visits to Southwestern National Parks (Paper, Slides)
–George Frisvold and Xudong Ma

Pesticide Use & Regulation

The University of Arizona Pesticide Information and Training Office (PITO)
US EPA Office of Pesticide Programs
The University of Arizona Cotton Insect Losses
The University of Arizona Cooperative Extension Pesticides Information
USDA Economic Research Service: “Ag Chemicals & Production Technology” Briefing Room

Use of Insect Growth Regulators and Changing Whitefly Control Costs in Arizona Cotton
– G. Ken Agnew, George B. Frisvold, and Paul Baker
Arizona Cotton Pesticide Use Data: Opportunities and Pitfalls
– G. K. Agnew, P. B. Baker, and G. B. Frisvold

Public Lands

USDA Forest Service
Bureau of Land Management
U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service
Arizona State Land Department
Arizona Game and Fish

Public Lands & Western Communities
Wildlife Conservation and Economic Development in the West
Amenities Increasingly Draw People to the Rural West

U.S.-Mexico Border Environment

Udall Center for Studies in Public Policy
Border Environmental Cooperation Commission
North American Development Bank
EPA Border Programs
International Boundary and Water Commission

Water Resources

How Federal Farm Programs Affect Water Use, Quality, and Allocation among Sectors
–George Frisvold
Financing Wastewater Collection and Treatment on the US–Mexico Border
–George Frisvold and Daniel Osgood
Ambos Nogales: A Tale of Two Cities and Water Management on the US-Mexico Border
–George Frisvold and Daniel Osgood
Trends in Water Conservation Among U.S. Cotton Producers
–George Frisvold
Strategic Behaviour in Transboundary Water and Environmental Management
–George Frisvold