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Agricultural & Resource Economics
Dean Lueck
Professor, Professor of Economics (by courtesy), Professor of Law (by courtesy), and Co-Director, Program on Economics, Law, and the Environment; Ph.D., University of Washington, 1987; Contracts and Economics Organization, Economics of Law, Natural Resource Economics, Property Rights

Dean Lueck






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Teaching and Research Interests

Dr. Lueck’s current research projects include studies of the role of custom in agricultural land contracts, the economic function and effects of property law, the demarcation of land, and the economics of wildlife management. He is the recipient of many research grants, including the National Science Foundation. He has been a guest lecturer and visiting faculty member at many colleges and universities, including John M. Olin faculty fellow in law and economics at Yale Law School; visiting professor of economics at Universitat Pampeu Fabra, Barcelona, Spain; visiting professor of law at the University of Virginia School of Law; distinguished visiting professor in law and economics, University of Toronto, Faculty of Law, Toronto, Ontario, Canada; and visiting fellow of the Collegio Carlo Alberto in Moncalieri, Italy. He is the author (with Douglas W. Allen) of The Nature of the Farm (MIT Press 2003) and co-editor of Wildfire Policy (RFF Press 2011).

Program on Law, Economics, and the Environment

Curriculum Vitae

Classes Taught
AREC 377, Economic, Environmental, and Resource Conservation
AREC/LAW 660, Natural Resources Law
AREC 696c, Applied Economic Analysis I: Natural Resource Economics
AREC/LAW 697S, Economics, Law and the Environment

Current Papers and Projects
• “Land Demarcation Systems.” (in press, in Law and Economics of Property). Ed. Henry Smith and Kenneth Ayotte. With Gary D Libecap.

• “Large Scale Institutional Changes: Land Demarcation within the British Empire.” 2011. With Gary D. Libecap and Trevor O’Grady. National Bureau of Economic Research Working Paper No. 15820.

• “Human Capital Accumulation and the Expansion of Women’s Rights.” January 2011. With Rick Geddes and Sharon Tennyson.

• “Land Demarcation and Agriculture in 19th Century California.” August 2010. With Gary D. Libecap and Adrain Lopes.

• “Economic Organization and the Lease-Ownership Decision in Water.” January 2010. With Kyle J. Emerick.

• “Contracting, Organization and the Behavior of Public Bureaucracy.” September 2009. With Dominic Parker.

• “Contracting, Organization and the Behavior of Public Bureaucracy.” September 2008. With Dominic Parker.

Selected Publications
• “The Demarcation of Land and the Role of Coordinating Property Institutions.” 2011. Journal of Political Economy, 119(3):426–467. With Gary D. Libecap.

• “Custom and Incentives in Contracts.” 2009. American Journal of Agricultural Economics. 91:880–894. With Douglas W. Allen.

• “Asymmetric Information and the Structure of Servitude Law.” Journal of Legal Studies 38(2009)89–120. With Antony Dnes.

• “Preemptive Habitat Destruction under the Endangered Species Act.” Journal of Law & Economics 46(2003):27–60. With Jeffrey A. Michael.

• “The Gains from Self Ownership and the Expansion of Women’s Rights.” American Economic Review (2002):1079–1092. With Rick Geddes.

• “The Nature of the Farm.” Journal of Law and Economics (1998):343–386. With Douglas W. Allen.

• “The Rule of First Possession and the Design of the Law.” Journal of Law and Economics (1995):393–436.

• “Risk Preferences and the Economics of Contracts.” American Economic Review (1995):447–451. With Douglas W. Allen.

• “Market and Regulatory Forces in the Pricing of Legal Services.” Journal of Regulatory • “Transaction Costs and the Design of Cropshare Contracts.” RAND Journal of Economics (1993):78–100. With Douglas W. Allen.

• “Land Tenure and Agricultural Productivity on Indian Reservations.” Journal of Law and Economics (1992):427–454. With Terry L. Anderson.

• “The Economic Nature of Wildlife Law.” Journal of Legal Studies (1989):291–324.