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Direct Farm Marketing and Tourism Handbook

This guide is designed to help farm and ranch operators (and other individuals who grow or process food products) market their products and services directly to the consumer.

Complete Handbook as a single pdf file

The Handbook is also available in individual files as listed below.

Table of Contents


Direct Marketing Alternatives
1. Characteristics of Direct Marketing Alternatives
2. Direct Farm Marketing Options
3. Farmers Markets: A Guide to Starting Operating, and Selling
4. Pick-Your-Own Markets: Should I Grow Fruits and Vegetables
5. Roadside Stands: Should I Grow Fruits and Vegetables
6. Running a Roadside Stand - Some Helpful Tips
7. Selling to Restaurants
8. The Fresh Connection Keeps Farmers and Chefs in Touch

Tourism/Value Added Products
1. Opportunities for Adding Value to Your Products
2. This Market Boosted Sales With Bakery
3. Restaurant Adds to Diversity of Hubers Family Farm
4. Bed and Breakfast: Hosting Travelers for Extra Income

Business Planning
1. Business Plans are More Important Now than Ever
2. Sources of Small Business Assistance
3. A Business Plan is Important When Working With a Lender
4. Training Helps Farm Market Employees Succeed

Market Analysis and Pricing
1. Sizing Up the Market Winds
2. Product Position
3. Geyers' Specialty is Marketing Small Fruits
4. Quality Keeps Customers Coming Back to This Farm
5. Taste Preferences Outweigh Appearances of Apples
6. Selling Organic Produce Poses New Challenges
7. The Organic Market: Results from a Tucson Study
8. Pricing
9. Assessing Risks and Finance Requirements

Consumer Profiles and Tourism Trends
1. Farm Outlet Customer Profiles
2. Profile of Visitors to Fresh Farm Produce Outlets in Cochise County, Arizona
3. Tourism Trends and Rural Economic Impacts

Advertising and Promotion
1. Advertising and Promotion
2. Direct Mailings as an Advertising Strategy
3. How Tasting Rooms Can Help Sell Wine

Legal Considerations
1. Legal Structure Rules and Regulations for Direct Marketing Enterprises
2. Examining Insurance Needs is Essential to Marketing
3. How Growers Can Reduce Liability Risks

Production Considerations
1. Production of Fresh Fruits and Vegetables as it Relates to Direct Marketing
2. Estimating Costs of Production

Additional Resources
1. Further Reading
2. Associations