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Cooperative Extension Publications

Arizona Farm Machinery Budgets
Arizona Field Crop Budgets
Arizona Livestock Budgets
Arizona Vegetable Crop Budgets

Community Development Issues (published 1993–1996)
Cotton Management Economic Notes
(published 1992–2004)

Ag Help Wanted: Guidelines for Managing Agricultural Labor (Western Farm Management Extension Committee)
Arizona Crop Custom Rates
Arizona Ranchers’ Management Guide
Certification and Labeling Considerations for Agricultural Producers (Western Extension Marketing Committee)
Direct Farm Marketing & Tourism Handbook
Financial Templates
A Guide to Designing and Conduction Visitor Surveys
Managing for Today's Cattle Market and Beyond (Western Extension Marketing Committee)
Niche Markets: Assessment and Strategy Development for Agriculture (Western Extension Marketing Committee)
Thinking of Owning a Pleasure Horse? A Guide to the Care and Ownership of Pleasure Horses in Arizona (smaller file for onscreen viewing available here)
Western Profiles of Innovative Agricultural Marketing (Western Extension Marketing Committee)

Travel and Tourism
Direct Farm Marketing & Tourism Handbook
Strategies for Monitoring Tourism in Your Community
Tourism in the Tucson Metropolitan Area: Characteristics and Impacts of Overnight Visitors, 1995–1996
Travel and Tourism in the Globe-Miami Region 1995–1996
The Williams 1995–1996 Visitor Study

Range Cow Culling Tutorial
Fuzzy Expert System Tutorial