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Readings in Production and Consumption Economics
Collected Papers of B.R. Beattie and Friends
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Edited by B.R. Beattie
ISBN 978-0-9786819-1-3

From the editor’s Overview:

The collection of papers in this volume stems in large part from curiosity piqued in my first agricultural economics class. I have had the good fortune to teach master’s-level production theory nearly every year of my forty-some years of college teaching. It’s taken a while but I believe I’ve solved a few of the puzzles. The papers in this volume were written with the aim of providing as much transparency as possible into the details and connections/linkages between the geometry of production models and the geometry of the cost curves and related issues. It is my hope that professors and students will find the papers useful in filling in some important gaps in senior-level undergraduate and beginning graduate classes in microeconomic theory—especially production theory.

The eight papers fall nicely into four categories of two papers each: 1) elasticity, homogeneous functions, and second-order conditions; 2) the economic region of production; 3) production functions and cost curves; and 4) the law of demand. Four of the papers have previously appeared in the literature and four are original in this volume.

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