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Travel and Tourism in the Globe-Miami Region 1995–1996

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Travel and Tourism in the Globe-Miami Region 1995–1996
By Julie Leones, Douglas Dunn, and Valerie Ralph
Arizona Cooperative Extension
The University of Arizona

I. Executive Summary
  • How many visitors came to the Globe-Miami Region between October 1995 and September 1996?

    260,000 visitors came to the region

  • What was the economic impact of these visitors?

    $13.6 million in expenditures in the Globe-Miami region
    $21.2 million in sales revenue impacts in the Globe-Miami region
    634 jobs directly and indirectly resulted from visitor spending
    $1.4 million total tax revenues at the state, county and city level

    - $ 732,000 for the State of Arizona
    - $ 323,000 for Gila County
    - $ 349,000 for the Cities of Globe and Miami

  • Where did these visitors come from?

    45 percent were from other parts of Arizona
    20 percent from other Western states
    14 percent from Central states
    8 percent from Southern states
    7 percent from Eastern states
    6 percent from other countries

  • Why were visitors in the area?

    Visitors had many different reasons for being in the region. The following were some of the primary reasons given:

    16 percent passing through the area
    15 percent to visit Roosevelt Lake
    14 percent to visit Tonto National Monument
    11 percent to visit family and friends
    7 percent to visit historical sites or museums

  • What percent of visitors stopped to see major local attractions?

      59 percent saw Roosevelt Lake
      44 percent saw Tonto National Monument
      35 percent saw historic downtown Globe-Miami
      28 percent saw Besh-Ba-Gowah
      17 percent saw Boyce Thompson Arboretum
      8 percent saw Cobre Valley Center for the Arts

  • What were visitors main leisure activities while in the region?

      75 percent were doing general sight-seeing
      54 percent visited historic areas
      33 percent took photographs
      28 percent visited museums
      22 percent went shopping

  • What was the age distribution of visitors to the Globe-Miami region?

      7 percent were under 18 years of age (versus 26 percent of U.S. population)
      13 percent were 18 to 35 years of age (versus 27 percent of U.S. population)
      43 percent were 36 to 59 years of age (versus 30 percent of U.S. population)
      37 percent were 60 years of age or older (versus 17 percent of U.S. population)

  • What were the major conclusions of this study?

      This study was a benchmark for the Globe-Miami region as it begins a serious expansion in travel and tourism. Over 175 new hotel rooms have been added and the Apache Gold Casino and Resort has opened since the study was completed.

      Overnight visitors should be the focus of tourism promotion and development efforts in the region in order to increase average expenditures per visitor.

      Arizona markets are especially good markets to target; promotion in these markets should emphasize the advantages of overnight stays.