Saturday Live Music Festival Veterans Day Weekend -
November 9 , 2013 from 11:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m.

A full day of live music will be offered November 9, Saturday -- featuring several familiar performers popular with Arboretum audiences - and something new as well.

guitar player jim pipkin
Jim Pipkin plays the opening set at 11:00 a.m. near the Drover Shed. Jim's original songs bring to life miners, outlaws and Arizona characters from Territorial days
. Connect with Mesa recording artist Jim Pipkin and join "Pipkin's Irregulars" for downloads, announcements, etc.

Read more about Jim and his Sour Mash for the Soul

And we're pleased to announce the return of Ronnie Glover and Trio Rio; playing a 90-minute set starting at 12:00 noon.
Read more about the band and their music in this article posted when they played a full-length concert at Boyce Thompson Arboretum in 2012

2:00 pm -
Gary Kaplowitz
and Bob Mengel
A transplant from the shores of Long island, Gary Kaplowitz has called Phoenix home since the mid 1970's. An accomplished guitarist, "Dr.K" has concentrated on acoustic performance - familiar to BTA audiences for years as part of the Mountain Rain trio, he has also worked with The Eddie Detroit Band, is an honorary "Artichoke Sister," and has invited Renee Rivers. These opportunities have provided Gary to prove him in a variety of genres. Gary's originals reflect his influences - most written for 12-string guitar, and with non-traditional chord voicing, their progressions are full of undertones.

3:00 PM Bernie Haley

And we're pleased to welcome Bernie Haley as a new performer this year -- and on the didgeridoo, for a change of pace from today's guitar-weighted lineup. Bernie's an Arboretum member who shared his songs on the growling, howling aboriginal instrument last January during our annual Australia Day event.

Celebrating 20 years - The Close Enough String Band
4:00-5:00 PM
As musician, singer and raconteur Dave Bauman puts it: "this is the Close String Band's twentieth anniversary, so you need to come see them before they get any older! Sometimes we number five members, sometimes six, but it's always more musical talent than should be allowed in one place. Robert Sandstedt, our senior member plays "up-picking" banjo and doubles on musical saw….he's a declared genius at the latter. Bobbie Bookhout sings the high parts plays mandolin, and sometimes, guitar. Rick Sonder, our Californian, is featured on autoharp, doubles on banjo, and by popular demand, doesn't sing. Maxine Eldredge provides harmonies, and plays the best bass we can find at the price. Barbara Herber is fiddler, straw boss and brains of the group. She's also the best voice we've got and is a master (mistress?) of harmonies. Dave Baumann plays guitar, mostly, and tells lies about the rest of band. It's Old Time Porch Music at its best, so come listen -- and be sure to buy lots of CDs."

Autumn foliage begins to show vivid color around the Arboretum by mid-November, just in time for a Saturday when live music from Arizona originals will fill the air. Preview our live music festival on YouTube with our 2009 Music Festival Video

Bring chairs and a picnic lunch, and plan tostay for the day. Our live music event at the Arboretum makes for a Saturday truly "both acoustic and eclectic."

November's live music festival is a singular chance to stroll through unique collections of desert plants and arid ecosystems -- while also being treated to five hours of song and music from Arizona musicians playing intimate sets in the demonstration garden, herb garden, rose garden and other beautiful locations throughout the grounds.

Enjoy a stress-relieving massage nearby during the music, therapist Heather Rose will be here with her massage chair, too, with a portion of donations for massages donated to benefit Boyce Thompson Arboretum. To schedule a massage appointment in advance with Heather, email or call her at 602.549.2958.

2013 Performers :

11:00 a.m. Mesa recording artist Jim Pipkin near the Australian Drover's Shed

12:00 p.m. Ronnie Glover & Trio Rio

2:00 p.m. Gary Kaplowitz at the Desert Legume Garden

3:00 p.m. Didgeridoo player Bernie Haley

4:00 p.m. Close Enough String Band in the picnic area