Photography Shoots, Classes and Lectures
        *   Behind The Scene Advanced Composition with Sue Tatterson February 12
      * LightRoom Users' Group Sunday February 21
     * Lisa Langell Wildflowers February 28 - Sunday

'Behind-The-Scene' Photo Class & Shoot With Sue Tatterson
February 12, Friday > 10:30 a.m.
with credit card ready call 520.689.2723
enrollment $30 for BTA members, $40 non-members
Gold Canyon artist Sue Tatterson is a photography instructor who strives to tell new stories with each subject captured in her lens. An Australian expat, she loves the giant eucalyptus trees and Drover's Wool Shed at Boyce Thompson Arboretum - and has photographed these familiar subjects in novel ways that evoke her original home in the land Down Under. Her morning workshop has a focus on 'behind the scene' photography, which she describes as: "getting to a deeper and more artistic truth of your subject, for example - not just capturing that beautiful façade of your favorite old weathered building - but inviting the viewer to think about the age and origin of the structure - who built it, who may have lived or raised a family there. Its said that every picture tells a story; my take is that truly memorable photos will spark a conversation."
Enrollment is $30; or $40 for non- members.
With your credit card ready call 520-689-2723 during daytime business hours between 8:30 a.m. and 4:30 p.m. to pre-register and reserve your space. She relocated from Baltimore in 2013 to teach at Central Arizona College, where she heads the design and photography program. Among Arboretum  annual members, she decided to get more involved by enrolling as a volunteer and sharing her unique eye and passion for photography, coaching workshops that help raise revenue for the Arboretum - and awareness of the gardens. Sue's website, covers much of her work shooting abandoned buildings up and down the east coast, where she lived for twelve years before moving to AZ in 2013. She’s published a book Spirits of the Abandoned, Maryland and her work has been exhibited in galleries in MD, DE, PA and NJ. Connect with her on facebook via

Adobe Photoshop Lightroom 5 Users Group Meeting
February 21 , SUNDAY - next date is March 26
9:00 - 11: 00 AM in the Smith Building Lecture Room

Rim Vidziunas, Jack Haskell, Tim Wohlever and David Hannon lead discussions - demonstrate digital editing and offer photo critiques during the once-a-month LightRoom users’ group meetup. There’s no fee to attend; meeting are free to BTA members; included with $10 daily admission for nonmembers. You don't have to be expert in LightRoom5 to participate, you're not even required to own or use this particular image editing program – hey, you dont even have to be a digital photographer. Some who attend simply enjoy the chance to network with fellow enthusiasts and observe imaging techniques and demonstrations, with chances to discuss the art and technique of photography. During the informal afternoon workshop images are shown enlarged onscreen, with an informal, free-wheeling discussion about photography, composition and digital editing. During the informal gatherings participants discuss the art of composing vivid pictures, digital post-processing and more.Check out Participants Galleries on DroBox
If you're planning to attend, and would like instructions to upload your own image to the group's dropbox album,
email users' group coordinators Tim Wohlever

Creating Beautiful Wildflower Photographs With Lisa Langell
February 28, Sunday, from 1:00 - 4:30 pm.

$30 for Arboretum annual members, $40 nonmembers
with credit card ready call 520.689.2723 during daytime business hours to enroll

Designed for the beginner to intermediate-level photographer, this class will feature a stunning showcase of wildflowers at Boyce Thompson Arboretum (BTA). Winter rains were generous and BTA is famous for a diverse array of Spring wildflowers ranging from Mexican Goldpoppies to Lupine, Penstemon, Phacelia, Wild Cucumber and dozens more. Classes with Lisa Langell combine classroom-based instruction with in-the-field, hands-on practice to help you stop documenting and start creating beautiful wildflower images. What's on the agenda? Indoor class time followed by an hour or two in the field shooting (as much as time allows), and topics:
•Composition Specfiic to Wildflower Photography: leading lines, Dutch angles, Etc
• Optimal exposure settings
•Using the Elements: Learn how sun, wind, and rain can enhance floral photography.
•Capturing a "studio" effect in the field
•Using a reflector and diffuser to cast better natural light
•Using wide-angle, macro, and telephoto/zoom lenses for creative imagery
•How to stop documenting -- and start creating beautiful wildflower images.
Questions? Connect with Lisa on Facebook
What to Bring?
DSLR, Compact / Point-and-Shoot / Phone camera owners
•I can help you work with most any lens. Bring a variety (DSLR owners). A lens capable of wide-angle and close-up or macro photographs is encouraged, but not required. A zoom lens also offers creative shooting options (e.g., 70-200, 100-400, etc.).
•A tripod is optional, but encouraged for Macro shots.
•A device or notepad for taking notes is recommended
•Your camera’s manual (very important). Bring it in paper or digital copy on your phone/device. You may download it from most manufacturer’s websites if you no longer have your copy.
•Ensure you have comfortable footwear, clothing (layers, depending on weather), any necessary medications, and that batteries on all of your devices are fully charged.
• Bring your own snacks / beverages as needed

Comments from students:

Kirk wrote (about Michael Madsen & Patty Van Herpen)
"I wanted to let you know how much I enjoyed this class, it was extremely helpful to me. The instructors, specially Michael, were professional, knowledgable and were able to relate well to the group. Thanks so much."

Jeanne wrote (about Michael & Patty)
I loved the camera class given by Michael & Patty! Information was presented very well and the hands-on shoot that afternoon very helpful. An informative, and also fun class as well. BTA is one of my favorite places to go for learning."

Carlyn wrote (about Michael & Patty)
Just wanted to let you know that I thought this photography class was so informative and Mike and Patty were so patient and gracious. Sandy and her son and my husband and I joined the Arboretum last year after taking a class up there and are so glad we did. I will definitely be renewing my membership this year. I hope that Mike and Patty will be doing more classes in the future. You can be sure I will sign up for them. Sandy and I loved the lunch idea. It gave us a chance to get to know the teachers and other members in our class. The Arboretum is so beautiful; we've participated in the margarita night lst year and at the winter concert in December. My husband and I look forward to many years of enjoyment visiting and taking classes here. Again, thank you Mike and Patty, for all your help.

Kimberly wrote: (about Sue Tatterson)
Thoroughly enjoyed Sue's class. Great teacher with knowledge and enthusiasm. Looking forward to more classes with her.

Marge wrote (about Sue Tatterson)
Sue's class was another winner!! She's easy to work with, extremely helpful, and fun and interesting. She'll be a great addition to the BTA photographer instructors roster. Hope I can make it to her next class to gain a new perspective of creativity.

Richard wrote (about Sue )
Glad I was able to attend Sue's workshop and hope to participate in her future sessions. She's a natural teacher and a delight to spend time with in the field. I was surprised at how quickly the time passed.

........following Pete Rendek's August Night shoot, David wrote "the class was GREAT...Pete always does a nice job. His classes are always informative and I always get at least one very useful 'nugget' of information from each class I take from him. Please thank Pete and feel free to share my comments with Pete.

........also following Pete Rendek's August Night shoot, Kathy wrote "Pete Rendek's class last weekend is one of the best I have taken - anywhere. His presentation was very informative. Pete was organized, accommodating and very willing to share his knowledge and experience. He didn't make anyone feel that they were 'in over their heads' which was really nice for the beginners. I got a lot more that I expected from his class. I will be keeping watch on your website for upcoming events and classes. See you soon!

........ re: Pete Rendek's January Night Shoot "I wanted to let you know that I thoroughly enjoyed your Night Photography workshop last Saturday. I found it to be very information and enjoyable. It exceeded my expectations and I've recommended it to several friends. Thanks a bunch!" (Clif) Andrew Henry's November Zen-Of-Autumn-Color Shoot " Hi Andrew, I so enjoyed our fall color workshop. I am sending you two of my favorites photos from the day. (Karen)

........"We had an awesome time with Tom Boggan at the photography class today. He is so good at making sure that he takes time with everybody individually. My friends and I all had a great time and learned a few new tricks about our cameras (thanks Tom)! What a beautiful setting to learn in! And both of my friends became members today" (Jennifer Mathus, June 6, 2010 post on BTA's facebook page)

........"Tom knows photography. He is able to teach principles of this art form in a relaxed manner," ( Andrew Henry, Nov. 12 on BTA's facebook page)

........"I took two of Maggie Leef's classes last fall -- a beginning class and a class on photographing fall colors. Maggie is a special teacher, who makes her classes both informative and enjoyable. Her best tip: 'Read the camera manual!" The money I spent on an annual membership to BTA is the best money I've ever spent. The arboretum itself, with its beautiful setting and great staff, are exceptional. The events are interesting and well-done. I especially enjoy listening to music in such a beautiful setting. Great job, BTA!" (Stephanie, February 26, 2009)

........"I took Maggie's basic photography class on February 19th and finally understand what I had been troubled with for years! Maggie made the class fun and I now have a better understanding of what I can do to obtain better photos. Thank you Maggie! Also, some of us had an idea that we put to Maggie and she seemed willing to do a class. The class would be for beginners, but rather than classroom, it would be like a followup to the basic photography class only in the field. We could go out on the grounds of BTA and choose different things to photograph and Maggie could talk about the proper camera settings, etc. It would be applying what was learned in the classroom to actual field use. What do you think?" (Cindy; February 24, 2009)

........"I loved the photography class. I really got a lot out of the class and think she is a whiz at teaching photography. Her explanations of some of the phrasing (in the Nikon Manual) made it so that I could actually understand the manual. I look forward to her classes in March -- I will call and
pay for them tomorrow!! (Millie, February 23, 2009)

........"Bob Rice's workshop was very helpful and extremely practical. I appreciate the opportunity to meet other photographers, most of whom are way more experienced than I am. It sure is inspiring! Thank you for these opportunities."

........"Just a quick note to let you know how much I appreciated and enjoyed the May 18 photography workshop. The information was clearly presented with examples and demonstrations. I am now more knowledgeable of Photoshop and more confident to use it."

........"We did join as annual members because of the class and future classes. We are excited to be connected to the Arboretum and we are looking forward to more classes with Sue. We really enjoyed Sue's class and learned a lot. We thought the class fee was a good price and it was good to require the pre-payment to remind us to show up."

........"We did enjoy the class/photo shoot Thursday. I have been actively shooting pictures and had my own darkroom for 50 years or so but still got some good tips at Sue's class. I signed up mostly for my wife who is more of a beginner and uses a fully automatic camera. She did quite well with her pictures. We joined the BTA both to support it and to enable us to come back again and again to see the blooms as they happen in the spring. It's a bargain!

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