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Setup Instructions for K-9 Mail for Android

We recommend all Android users install K-9 Mail to send and receive email with their CALS email account.

1. Download K-9 Mail from Google Play.

2. Open K-9 Mail.

3. You will be presented with a welcome screen like this. Tap "Next".

4. After tapping "Next" you will see this screen:

5. Enter your Email address and Password, not mine, as shown below. Tap "Next":

6. After tapping "Next", you will see this screen:

7. Tap "IMAP" to be presented with the screen below:

8. Enter your Username and Password, not mine, and the IMAP server, Swipe up to reveal the Security type option shown below:

9. Change to the Security type to "SSL (always)" as shown below:

10. Tap "Next" to be presented with the "Outgoing server settings" screen below:

11. Enter "" in the "SMTP server" field. Look at the screenshot below:

12. Change the "Security type" setting to "SSL (always)". Swipe up to see more options:

13. Check the box next to "Require sign-in." Set "Authentication type" to "AUTOMATIC" if needed. Tap "Next".

14. Set the Username and Password to match with your UA NetID, not mine. Tap "Next".

15. Check "Enable push mail for this account", select your preferred "Number of messages to display", check "Notify me when mail arrives", and check "Notify my while mail is being checked". Tap "Next".

16. This is the final configuration screen. Enter the account name and your name as it will appear on outgoing messages. Mine is shown as an example below:

17. Tap "Done" to complete the setup of K-9 Mail for Android for use with your CALS email account.