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Setup Instructions for Pine

Alpine on the CALS Mail server

  1. Use an SSH client to connect to
  2. Type "pine" or "alpine" at the command line
  3. Press "s" for the setup
  4. Pres "c" for the config menu
  5. Scroll down to "User Domain" and press enter
  6. Type: "" (without quotes) and press enter
  7. Scroll down to "Inbox Path" and press enter. (it's the 5th entry from the top)
  8. Type: "" (without quotes) and press enter.
  9. Type: "INBOX" (without quotes) and press enter.
  10. press "e" for exit
  11. press "y" to save changes
  12. Quit pine by pressing "q".

Once you're back to the command line, re-open pine by typing "pine" or "alpine".