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Maintaining Email Accounts

This document will provide instructions for maintaining the size of your email account inbox on the CALS server. This page is the main source of support for maintaining your inbox size. Please refer to this page before calling the Network Lab with your questions. If this page leaves any of your questions unanswered, email or call us and we'll be glad to help.
Why is there an inbox quota?
There are two reasons why the CALS server has a quota on the size of your inbox: limited disk space and server performance. There are approximately 2500 accounts on the CALS server, and that number is growing. Because resources are limited, conservation of existing disk space is becoming increasingly important. Furthermore, when a user accesses his or her email, it is often the case that the entire inbox must be processed and sent to the user's location on the network. The server's CPU, memory, and network connection are used, and as inbox sizes increase, these server components are more heavily taxed. Server performance then suffers for everyone.

NOTE: Your inbox quota covers the size of your inbox on the CALS server. Your outbox and saved-messages are not covered by your mail quota. They are aither in your home directory quota (if you use Pine) or are on your personal computer (if you use a popper like Eudora or Outlook) and therefore not affected by server quotas.

Checking your inbox size:

To check the size of your email inbox on the CALS server, send a blank message to quota@cals.Arizona.Edu. You will very shortly get a response that looks like this sample:

-rw------- 1 pkelly ecat 2965489 Jul 14 15:09 /var/mail/pkelly

This inbox has about 2.9MB of email and email-attachments. The size of your inbox (shown here in red), in bytes, will appear just to the left of the date. Alternately, if you're logged into the CALS server via a telnet session, you can get the same information by typing this command at the prompt (note that your login name should replace the "your_username" shown):

ls -al /var/mail/your_username

How to Reduce Inbox Size

Pine Instructions

To start Pine, connect to the CALS server with a telnet session and type pine at the command prompt. If you need help connecting via telnet, click here. While in Pine, enter the message index by hitting "i". Select a message you wish to delete by pressing the up and down arrow keys, and then hit "d" to mark it for deletion. When you quit pine, you will probably be asked if you want to expunge the deleted messages from your inbox. Hit "y" to have them deleted. If you are not asked whether or not you wish to expunge the messages, your Pine settings are configured to automatically remove the marked messages.

Instructions for poppers such as Eudora and Outlook

Pop clients such as Eudora and Outlook download a copy of your email (known as "popping") from the server to a personal computer. It is important to note that when you check your mail, you're only downloading a copy: another copy is left on the CALS server. When you delete the copy on your personal computer, the server copy is not necessarily deleted. You may have many messages on the server that were deleted from your computer long ago. In order to keep the server performing well and conserve dwindling disk space, please keep your inbox small by changing the settings in your email program. Some settings and their descriptions follow.
Note that if your CALS server inbox is already over quota, and if you deleted messages from your personal computer before making these changes, you will need to delete unneeded messages with Pine.

Leave mail on server
This option specifies that a copy of your email is to be left on the server. If you check your mail from more than one computer, you should leave this option checked. If you do leave a copy of your mail on the server, you should use the options listed below to keep your server inbox from getting too large.

Delete mail from server after X days
(Applicable if you leave a copy of your mail on the CALS server.)
This option will cause your email program to delete your mail from the server (but not the copy on your personal computer) when a specified number of days from download have passed. If you check mail from more than one computer, this option gives you some time to download copies of your mail onto each computer you use before the server copy is deleted. Generally, 4 or 5 days is sufficient time to download copies to all of the computers you use.
Note that the old email is deleted when both:
A) the specified number of days have passed
B) you check your email again afterwards.

Delete from server when emptied from trash
(Applicable if you leave a copy of your mail on the CALS server.)
When selected, this option will remove unneeded messages from the CALS server when you remove them from your personal computer. Note that just "deleting" the messages on your computer is not enough to remove them from the server. You will also have to empty the pop client's trash and then check your mail again.

Changing these Settings in Eudora

When you have started Eudora, click on the "Tools" menu and select "Options". Scroll the menu up or down and select "Incoming Mail", or, depending on your version of Eudora, these options may be found under "Checking Mail".

Changing these Settings in Outlook

In Outlook, Click on "Tools" and select "Accounts". Find your CALS account in the list of available accounts and click "Properties". Then choose "Advanced" and you should see the options listed.