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Quick Guide to Pine

Downloading Putty

Click here to download the SSH Client Putty which will allow you to login to the server directly.

You will need your NetID information.

Logging in to the CALS server

  • Open Putty

  • Type in into the host box as shown above and left click open
  • Click yes when the window pops up(will happen the first time only)

  • Enter your username for the cals server, hit enter, type your password and hit enter again. Note that when you type your password it will not be visible on the screen.

  • Type pine at the command prompt as shown above, hit enter
  • Pine will open up. You will need to press E on the keyboard if it is your first time using the program

  • Message Index takes you to your mailbox on the server, you can delete items by highlighting them and pressing D on the keyboard. To permanently delete messages you need to press Q to quit and then Y to purge the messages and return to the command prompt.
  • Note that all commands/options in Pine are listed on the bottom of the screen