The University of Arizona

CEAC Volunteer Meeting

Announcing the monthly CEAC Volunteer Meeting for April 2014

What: Presentation by Mr. Lauren Jackson, Graduate Research Assistance
University of Arizona / Laboratory of Dr. Barry Pryor – Mycology & Plant Pathology
Edible Fungi – research findings & cultural practices
Learn about different edible fungi and how to grow them!

Where: UA / CEAC (Controlled Environment Agriculture Center)
1951 E. Roger Road (NE corner of Campbell & Roger)
Tucson, AZ 85719

When: Saturday, April 12th 2014
Come for the social at 11:30am
Meeting starts at 12 noon
After the meeting there will be tours of the CEAC Greenhouse facilities until ~3pm

Who: Open to the GENERAL PUBLIC
Free of charge

QUESTIONS: Contact Dr. Pat Rorabaugh
CEAC Volunteer Group Coordinator