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March 9th @ 12pm - CEAC Volunteer Meeting

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March CEAC Volunteer Meeting

Open to the General Public


WHEN/WHERE: Saturday, 3/9/13,  12 noon for the meeting and presentation. 

                Meet at the CEAC classroom, 1951 E. Roger Rd, Tucson, AZ 85719. 

PROGRAM: Greetings,


                The March 9th 2013 CEAC Volunteer meeting, also open to the general public, will feature Dr. Ursula Schuch who will discuss the Beginning Farmers program and the hoop houses constructed as a part of this large, multi-state program.  After the presentation, Dr. Schuch will take everyone present on a tour of the hoop houses, which are located just south of the Pima County Cooperative Extension Center and just west of the Cravo Retractable Roof Greenhouse.  These hoop houses are easy and inexpensive to construct and feature raised beds where Dr. Schuch and her team have been successfully growing amazing cilantro, chives, kale and other great greens during the winter.  You might even want one in YOUR own backyard!

                So, come one, come all and learn about low tech growing using protected agriculture! 

The meeting, as usual, will be held in the CEAC Classroom, 1951 E. Roger Rd, on the NE corner of Roger and Campbell, in Tucson (from the intersection, head east on Roger, make your first left, park and walk north to the CEAC main building).


                Information about greenhouse hydroponics.

Information about the upcoming annual April 7-12 2013 CEAC Short Course.

Free Produce!

                How YOU can become involved!


                FOR MORE INFORMATION:

Dr. Pat Rorabaugh

CEAC Volunteer Coordinator

Controlled Environment Agriculture Center

1951 East Roger Road

Tucson, AZ 85719