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EFNEP, the Extension Food and Nutrition Education Program, addresses the needs of low-income, minority families and youth nationwide. The goal is to teach families with children how o stretch their limited food dollars, plan and prepare nutritious foods and make informed choices about food and other lifestyle issues that support family health and well-being. Funded nationally by the USDA, EFNEP is staffed locally in each state and the U.S. territories by Extension-trained nutrition educators.

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Arizona's EFNEP program is offered in 5 of the state's 15 counties-Cochise, Maricopa, Santa Cruz, Pima and Pinal. The EFNEP curriculum includes methods of meal planning, food shopping and budget management skills, handling food properly, food storage and sanitation as well as improving family nutrition and health. By the time parents graduate from the program, participants have learned how to use government-issued commodity foods, compare food labels, and choose a healthy diet while still cutting expenses.


In 2006 more than 3,313 low-income families that included 12,569 family members and 3,711 youth attended EFNEP classes in Arizona; 382 volunteers assisted with family nutrition education. The Arizona EFNEP program included 80 percent minorities (Hispanic, African-American, Asian and American Indian). As a result of the program, nearly 60 percent of the children ate breakfast more often, 56 percent of the adult participants now use a shopping list, and about 70 percent followed recommended food safety practices.

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Smith-Lever 3(d) e.g., EFNEP; In-kind agency as well as cash donations

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