Guidelines and Criteria
for Promotion and Tenure and Promotion and Continuing Status

The College of Agriculture and Life Sciences (CALS) has guidelines and criteria for promotion and tenure and promotion and continuing status that include a statement regarding compliance with relevant university and Board of Regents policies. An earlier revision (June 1999) emphasized the use of the position description in evaluation and advancement decisions and added an appendix with examples of instruction, research and service activities that may be used in the evaluation process.

Promotion and tenure/continuing status review process is a valuable online resource that provides practical, informal guidance and answers to frequently asked questions regarding the promotion process and preparation of dossiers for CALS faculty, administrators, mentors and staff.

All new tenure- or continuing-eligible faculty hired after July 1, 2003 must have a probationary review in their third year and a mandatory review for tenure or continuing status in their sixth year. Annual reviews for tenure- and continuing-eligible faculty must have an extra component that addresses progress toward tenure or continuing status.

Promotion and/or tenure or continuing status dossiers are due to the Dean's Office by November 1. Three-year or other probationary reviews are normally due to the dean by December 1 (unless there is a possibility for non-retention). Consult your unit head for earlier unit deadlines.

College of Agriculture and Life Sciences Guidelines and Criteria

A one-page abstract of each set of guidelines for use in Section 3 of the dossier is available below.

Abstracted Guidelines and Criteria
Promotion and Tenure PDF
Promotion and Continuing/Cooperative Extension Specialists PDF
Promotion and Continuing/Cooperative Extension Agents PDF
Promotion and Continuing/Research Professionals PDF

The University of Arizona guidelines for promotion and tenure/continuing status are available from the Associate Provost for Faculty Affairs website. (Always verify any recent changes before preparing a dossier.)