The University of Arizona

Web pages which represent the College of Agriculture and Life Sciences must comply with the University of Arizona's policies at and standards, including, but not limited to: no advertising, harassment, commercial gain, or copyright infringement.

Items to have on the initial page

  • The name of the site.
  • The UA banner (this must appear on all pages, except for personal homepages, non-official club sites, and class sites. See this page for more information. This includes a link from the UA image to the homepage for the University.
  • You should reference your parent organization (like your department or county office). Cooperative Extension sites have additional identification requirements.
  • Links back to the parent page, including the College.
  • Contact information or a link for contact information. This should include a mailing address, telephone number, fax number and an email link.
  • Clearly labeled links for the most important parts of your site.
  • Adherence to the current University of Arizona accessibility guidelines found at For main pages this means (among other things) an ALT attribute for each image and each part of an imagemap, as well as redundant text links on the same page if you are using an imagemap.
  • A descriptive title tag with the most important words first. See this video about adding a title tag using Dreamweaver.
  • You should have a description metatag that supplements the title tag information, and possible a metatag with keywords.
  • The top half of your initial page is the most important part of your site. Avoid putting critical links or critical information on the bottom of your first page, or visitors may miss the links/information.
  • Avoid putting up basically blank pages which say "under construction". Have you ever seen this type of page on more popular websites? Hardly ever. When the page has some content, then post it. All pages are (so to speak) under construction, subject to changes. That is why content pages often should have a "date revised" tag or line.

Items for the entire site

  • The UA banner (this must appear on all pages, except for personal homepages, non-official club sites, and class sites. See this page for more information. This includes a link from the UA image to the homepage for the University.
  • Title tags for each page, Title tags should be unique for each page on your site.
  • Consistent navigation throughout your site, including a way to get back to the main page.
  • A common look on the pages (repeating images, text style, colors) so the pages look like they belong together.
  • A date showing when content pages have been posted or last reviewed.
  • Adherence to the current University of Arizona web accessibility guidelines
  • A link to the CALS privacy statement or at least use of appropriate disclaimers (at
  • Particularly on pages with content or pages that might be printed, consider putting a reference to the URL at the bottom of the page. This includes PDF files.
  • If the same graphic is repeated on your site, to speed up the display of other pages using the image, reference the image from the same folder and keep its size the same. Once an image is downloaded, during a given session, other pages using the same image load more quickly.


  • Keep your site up-to-date. It is better to not have any site at all than a site which references meetings and materials which are obviously dated.
  • A copyright statement is not necessary, but (if used) should show the copyright holder as the Arizona Board of Regents. If appropriate, provide a link to a page explaining whom to contact for use of photos or other information and under what conditions your material may be used.
  • If you use photos of people on your site, be sure you have a photo release form for each person whose face is clearly identifiable (particularly for students, volunteers, general public members, and children).
  • If your site is large, with multiple content providers, provide a link to the most appropriate contact person for a given web page. These contacts should be committed to regularly reading email and responding to questions.
  • Use frames sparingly. Frames make it difficult to find information within your site, make bookmarking specific parts of your site impossible, and can hinder search engine robots. If you use frames, to meet University accessibility guidelines, you need to provide meaningful titles for each frame and also provide a no-frame alternative.
  • If you use backgrounds, be sure that text is readable against the background. Also keep in mind that colorblind users can have difficulty reading certain text and colors next to each other.
  • Avoid critical elements supported by one browser only or by the latest browser version only.
  • Avoid a counter on the page. To request that a statiscal report be set up for your site, if on the CALS server, contact the webmaster@ag.arizona.eduOther resources
  • There is a special mailing list for CALS persons working on websites. This includes faculty, staff and students working on general sites and class sites. To join this listing, send an email to:
    The text of the message would be subscribe web-contacts