The University of Arizona

Some preparation is necessary in order to make homepages and other personal documents accessible via the World Wide Web. These instructions assume you are placing these personal documents in your default user area, which is controlled by you, and not in a department or unit directory area. While these steps are specific to the CALS server (, they are applicable to most any UNIX webserver. If you have questions about specific steps listed below, send an email to webmaster. To set up an account on the CALS server, go to

[If you are creating documents for your College unit or want to put up class materials on the web, check with Linda Ffolliott to see where to put them.]

1. Create the public_html directory and set permissions on directories
  • Login to the CALS server; you will be sitting in your personal directory area. Use Telnet or some similar program; you cannot use Eudora or Outlook for this.
  • Create a directory called public_html    
    mkdir public_html
  • Change permission on that directory to make it world readable    
    chmod 755 public_html
2. Upload files to your public_html directory
  • At this point, everything is in place for you to begin uploading or creating documents. Most HTML documents have the .html or .htm extension. Remember that UNIX is case-sensitive; it is best to keep your filenames all lowercase.
  • All HTML files, graphics, PDF files, sounds, etc., need to go into your public_html directory, or a subdirectory of it. If you create your documents offline and upload them, make sure to upload them to the public_html directory. If you create your documents online, change your directory to the public_html directory (cd public_html) before running the text editor to create the documents.
3. Change the permission level for files in your public directory
  • Once you have created/uploaded a document to your public_html directory, you will need to set the permissions on that file (or files). First, make sure that you are in your public_html directory (if not, then cd public_html). The chmod command sets permissions:    
    chmod 755 filename.html
    chmod 755 *  for all files 
  • HTML files stored in your public_html directory can be accessed with the URL:
4. Make one file the default file for your directory area
  • You should name one of your files so it will load automatically. If you make the filename either index.htm or index.html, then that file will be the default file that opens.
  • This file can now be opened with the URL
5. Send a notice to add your homepage to the University of Arizona listing
  • After creating your homepage, try viewing it. Then consider adding your homepage to the University database. There is a link on the UA homepage site for adding a homepage, but it requires a University NetID.