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Any person with an account on the CALS server may put web files in their personal directory area. See the documentation about how to set up a personal directory area. To work with a directory area on the CALS server, you must have an email account on the College's server, even if you use another account for email. The form to request an account is linked from

There are two types of new directory areas: areas for class information, and other areas which do not fall within an existing department or county website. That is, they are college-wide programs typically involving multiple counties or multiple departments in the college.

There are also sites made up of research groups working on a particular project or grant, or sites for a particular research lab in CALS.

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For requesting class directories

Faculty member wanting site:
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People who will work on this site area (give names and CALS email accounts)

For other areas which are not class sites:

What is the purpose of the proposed site?

Normally new directories are established for programs/information that do not fall within one department or unit.

Research project sites or sites reflecting work of a particular lab in the College are typically put under a folder called research.

Why do you feel you need a site that is not under a department or county site or within the research folder site?

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How long do you expect the site to be maintained?