The University of Arizona

The College CALS server uses a program called Webinator for searches of sites. To request a search on a site, fill out this form. The coding for the search will be sent to the indicated person. This code can be added as a search box on any page, or you can set up a separate search page for your site, which gives examples of how to do a search.

Once the search is set up, the search database for your site is updated once a week. By default the search is done for PDF and HTML documents. However, to be picked up in the database, you must have a link to the document. That is, a document which you are not linking to will not be placed in the search database.

Fields marked with an asterisk are required. For the webinator search to be set up, your site must be located on the CALS server.

* Your name:
* Email:
* CALS Department/Unit
* URL of the website:
* Folder to index, for example, /usr4/ecat/ or /usr4/classes/ram456a
Please indicate any subfolders that you want excluded from the search database or any other folders on the CALS server that you want added to your search database
* Person's email to send the code for the search



You may print this form for your own records. .