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Entomology: Paul B. Baker

Extension Specialist

B.S. University of Delaware (1971) in Entomology
M.S. Penn State University (1975) in Entomology
Ph. D. University of Maryland (1979) in Entomology

Appointment: 90% Extension 10% Research

Research Interest: The biology, ecology and control of subterranean termites.

See more on research in the Baker Termite Laboratory

Current continuing educational programs include environmental issues on disposal, pesticide use reduction and worker safety. See more on the websites:

Pesticide Information and Training Office

Urban Entomology

Arizona Pest Management Center

Selected publications

Baker PB, Bellamy DE. (2006) Field and laboratory evaluation of persistence and bioavailability of soil termiticides to desert subterranean termite Heterotermes aureus (Isoptera : Rhinotermitidae). Journal of Economic Entomology 99(4): 1345-1353.

Yu H, Gouge DH, Baker P. (2006) Parasitism of subterranean termites (Isoptera : Rhinotermitidae : Termitidae) by entomopathogenic nematodes (Rhabditida : Steinernematidae : Heterorhabditidae). Journal of Economic Entomology 99(4): 1112-1119.

Carlo, L.G and P.B. Baker (2005) Water and Pesticide Safety CD.

Baker, P. B. and Ruben Marchosky (2005) Arizona Termites of Economic Importance. Cooperative Extension Bulletin AZ1369.

Baker, P. (2005) Termite Management for Homeowners. Cooperative Extension Bulletin AZ1356.

Baker, P. (2005) Liquid Termiticide Costs. Cooperative Extension Bulletin AZ1357.

Baker, P. B. and L. Carlo (2003) Agricultural Fumigation Guide for the Arizona Private Applicator Certification. (under review).

Frisvold, G., K. Agnew, and P. Baker. (2002) Effects of Insect Growth Regulators on Insecticide Use and Costs in Arizona Cotton. Paper Presented at Beltwide Cotton Conferences. Atlanta, GA. January 8-12, 2002.

Carlo, L and P. B. Baker. 2001 National Pre-Certification for Agricultural Pesticide Applicators: Arizona Version (Educational/Training CD).

Cordell, S. and P. B. Baker (2001) Pesticide Storage and Disposal Safety in Landscape Contactor Magazine pp 52-59

Frisvold, G., K. Agnew, and P. Baker. Public-Private Research Collaboration in Pest Control. (2001) Paper presented at R&D Policies and Impact Assessment: A Workshop Sponsored by Regional Research Group NC-208, Berkeley, CA, March 30-31, 2001.

Agnew, G. K., P.B. Baker and G.B. Frisvold (2000) Adoption of Insect Growth Regulators in Arizona Cotton: Determinants and Economic Implications. Proceedings of the Beltwide Cotton Conference, 2000. Pp. 361-364

Frisvold, G., K.G. Agnew and P. B. Baker (2000). Adoption of Insect Growth Regulators in Arizona Cotton: Economic Determinants and Impacts. Proceedings Cotton Beltwide Conference, 2000. pp 1427-35.

Agnew, G.K. and P. B. Baker. 2000 Pesticide Use in Arizona Cotton: Long-term Trends and 1999 Data" Cotton: A College of Agriculture Report, Series P121, University of Arizona, College of Agriculture Cooperative Extension. Pp257-268.

Agnew, G. K., G.B. Frisvold and P.B. Baker (2000). Use of Insect Growth regulators and Changing Whitefly Control Costs in Arizona Cotton. Cotton: A College of Agriculture Report, Series P121, University of Arizona, College of Agriculture Cooperative Extension. P 307-314.

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