The laboratory is located in the Marley Building Rm 620, which is over 1,000 sq ft. and includes a fume hood, and a small internal office. The laboratory contains PC computers and we are constantly upgrading our systems. We have the necessary equipment to take digital photographs and videos of insects and to burn CD’s. Other equipment in the lab includes a microscope, environmental chambers 2 (Percival Scientific Biological Incubators) with access to modern HPLC’s and an HP 5890 gas chromatograph with HP 5990 mass selective detector. Long-term field plots for termite studies have been established at the West Ag Center for both degradation and bait modification studies. Field studies have also been established at the Santa Rita Experimental Range, which is part of the University system. This facility, which is 20 km from the University, has been maintained for more than 40 years.  Additional information: Department of Entomology facilities

Field Sites