The Baker laboratory focus is on the biology, ecology and control of subterranean termites. We have various projects that are on-going.

1) Applied Articles and Projects

Current applied demonstration projects consist of both Perimeter treatments and Baiting programs. In these projects are objectives are to applied these technologies the way a Pest Management Professional would if he or she were servicing you home. Perimeter treatments consist of the application of Premise® and Termidor® to homes in Tucson and Mesa. For updated results see the presentation and publication section. Currently we are working with the baiting program that includes Exterra® both in Tucson and Phoenix. Final results will be available in the winter of 2006.

2) Basic Termiticide Degradation Laboratory Bioassays

Current basic projects include degradation studies of all the major termiticides over a 5 year period. See published results (pdf format).