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Entomology: Robert L. Smith

Associate Professor Emeritus

B.S. and M.S. New Mexico State University
Ph.D. Arizona State University

My fields of basic research interest include evolution of insect reproductive biology with special emphasis on sperm competition, parental investment and the insect egg. Ongoing research includes the biology of the aquatic Heteroptera and termites. I conduct pragmatic research on structure-infesting termites.

Selected Publications:

Miettinen M, Kaitala A, Smith RL, Ordonez RM. 2006. Do egg carrying and protracted copulation affect mobility in the golden egg bug? Journal of Insect Behavior 19 (2): 171-178.

Smith, RL. 2006. Human sperm competition. pp. 67-118 in T.K. Shackelford and N. Pound (eds) Sperm Competition in Humans, Springer, New York 283 pp.

Lytle DA, Smith RL. 2004. Exaptation and flash flood escape in the giant water bugs. Journal of Insect Behavior 17 (2): 169-178.

Smith, R.L. 2003. Giant water bugs of Arizona. Az Riparian Council Newsletter. 16(1): 8-10.

Kaitala A, Smith RL. 2002. Do golden egg bugs (Phyllomorpha laciniata : Heteroptera, Coreidae) require conspecifics for oviposition? Journal of Insect Behavior 15 (2): 171-180.

Kaitala A, Smith RL. 2002. The bug that lays the golden eggs. Natural History 111 (2): 32+.

Hoekstra, J.D. and R.L. Smith. 2000. Reproductive behavior of two Argia spp. damselflies (Odonata: Coenagrionidae) at an Arizona stream. International Journal of Odonatology 3(1): 85-94.

Hoekstra JD, Smith RL. 1999. Descriptions of the final instar larvae of Argia sabino Garrison and Argia pima Garrison (Odonata : Coenagrionidae). Proceedings of the Entomological Society of Washington 101 (4): 887-896.

Hoekstra JD, Smith RL. 1998. Distribution and habitat of Curicta pronotata (Hemiptera : Nepidae) in southeastern Arizona. Entomological News 109 (5): 366-368.

Smith RL, Horton C. 1998. Fish predation on giant water bug (Heteroptera : Belostomatidae) eggs in an Arizona stream. Great Basin Naturalist 58 (3): 292-293.

Lokensgard J, Smith RL, Eisner T, Meinwald J. 1993. Pregnanes from defensive glands of a belostomatid bug. Experientia 49 (2): 175-176.

Smith, R. L. and E. Larsen. 1993. Egg attendance and brooding by males of the giant water bug Lethocerus medius (Guerin) in the field (Heteroptera: Belostomatidae). J. Insect Behavior. 6: 93-106.

Zeh, D. W., J. A. Zeh and R. L. Smith. 1989. Eggshell architecture and the diversification of the terrestrial arthropods. Quart. Rev. Biol. 64: 147-168.

Sakaluk, S. K. and R. L. Smith. 1988. Heritability of male parental investment in an insect. Am. Nat. 132: 594-601.

Zeh, D. W. and R. L. Smith. 1985. Paternal investment by terrestrial arthropods. Am. Zool. 25: 785-804.

Smith, R. L. (Ed.) 1984. Sperm Competition and the Evolution of Animal Mating Systems. Academic Press, New York. 688 pp.

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