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Welcome to the UA Department of Entomology

The Department of Entomology at the University of Arizona has an internationally renowned faculty dedicated to excellence in research, teaching, and extension. Faculty expertise encompasses fundamental insect biology, pest management, and outreach. A key department in the College of Agriculture and Life Sciences, Entomology has been generating, synthesizing, and disseminating knowledge about insects for more than a century. The University of Arizona is in Tucson, a lively city surrounded by the beautiful Sonoran Desert.

Entomology enjoys excellent research facilities on the main campus in Tucson and throughout the State of Arizona. Some members of the Department of Entomology are affiliated with the Center for Insect Science and the Carl Hayden Honeybee Lab.

Related graduate programs are offered through the Graduate Interdisciplinary Program in Entomology and Insect Science. Contact Kristina Souders, Program Coordinator (, for information about the program.

Arizona Insect Festival

Every year the UA Department of Entomology hosts the Arizona Insect Festival. This event takes place in September, when thousands of visitors learn about the importance of insects in our daily lives and discover insect-based research taking place at the UA. For more information, please visit our website.

Support Insect Discovery

Insect Discovery is a University of Arizona outreach program primarily for elementary school students. The program stimulates students' scientific curiosity through hands-on activities using insects. Since 2005 we have reached over 16,000 school children, and trained close to 150 UA students. For more details and to support Insect Discovery, please see:

University of Arizona Insect Collection (UAIC)

Located in the heart of the American Southwest, the University of Arizona's Insect Collection (UAIC) contains approximately 1.5 million terrestrial arthropod specimens representing 24,000 species mostly from the Sonoran Desert Region and the Madrean Sky Islands, one of the most biodiverse regions of North America. The collection is located in the Forbes Building on the UA campus and is open to the public Monday - Friday from 8 am to 4 pm. For more information, visit the UAIC website.

UAIC Visiting Arthropod Systematist

The UAIC is pleased to announce an annual competition for a Visiting Arthropod Systematist Award up to $25,000. For details, full application instructions, and requirements please visit:

We're #2!

Entomology at the University of Arizona recently ranked #2 among all major research universities in the U.S. in faculty scholarly productivity. The criteria included publications, citations, awards, and grants for 53 UA faculty members in the Department of Entomology and the Center for Insect Science.

The data are available at the Chronicle of Higher Education.

Long Horned Cactus Beetle

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