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Entomology Research

Name Research Topics
BAKER, Paul Termites, IPM, Pesticide Safety
BECERRA, Judith X. Plant-insect interactions, co-evolution, chemical Ecology
BRONSTEIN, Judith L. Mutualisms
BROWN, Judith (pdf) Geminivirus-whitefly interactions, transmission pathway, whitefly biotypes
BUCHMANN, Stephen Pollination, conservation, bees
BYRNE, David Migration, IPM, whitefly biology
CARRIERE, Yves Insect-transgenic plant interactions
DAVIDOWITZ, Goggy Phenotypic plasticity
DEGRANDI-HOFFMAN, Gloria Honey bee biology
DENNEHY, Timothy IPM, resistance
DORNHAUS, Anna Social insects
ELLSWORTH, Peter IPM, applied ecology, cotton
GOUGE, Dawn Insect pests, IPM, urban
GRONENBERG, Wulfila Neuronal control of behavior
HILDEBRAND, John Neurobiology, neuroethology, olfaction, moths
HUNTER, Martha (Molly) Biological control, parasitoid ecology & evolution
Li, Xianchun Chemical molecular ecology, functional genomics, insecticide and Bt resistance
MOORE, Wendy Systematics, molecular phylogenetics, evolution
NARANJO, Steven Biological control, Population ecology, Sampling
PAPAJ, Daniel Behavioral ecology
RAMBERG, Frank Medical entomology
RIEHLE, Michael Mosquito, reproduction, lifespan
SMITH, Robert Insect reproductive biology
STOCK, Patricia Biodiversity, ecology,and evolution of entomopathogenic nematodes. Nematode-bacteria symbiosis. Multitrophic interactions. Entomopathogens and biological control
STRAUSFELD, Nicholas Neurobiology, Neuroanatomy
TABASHNIK, Bruce Pest resistance to insecticides and transgenic plants
WHEELER, Diana Social insects, polyphenisms, physiology and development


Department of Entomology at the University of Arizona
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