The Investor and Business Forum

Jul 23 2014 - 12:00pm - 3:00pm

A special event of the 2014 Realities of Indoor Growing Short Course organized by the UA Controlled Environment Agriculture Center (CEAC).  The purpose is to highlight and discuss Opportunities for Success in Controlled Environment Agriculture Businesses, by featuring a diverse panel of experts representing various critical aspects for the financial feasibility and success of the Indoor Growing and CEA Industry within a facilitated format for a limited and targeted audience.  The panel will include Indoor Growing Business owners, a produce buyer/shipper, an agriculture investor, and a buyer from Whole Foods. The IBF will also explore different aspects of investment potential such as the team you must put together, market entry, positioning, financing, technology, and supply chain management. The IBF aims to complement the first half of the course that focuses on growing the crops, by focusing on what to do with crops post-harvest and how to have a successful business model every step of the way. The IBF will be preceded by tours and interactions with four operating indoor plant growing systems at the CEAC campus.  UA and/or Extension personnel are encouraged to attend.

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Aaron Tevik
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