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Anita D. Bhappu, Ph.D.

Associate Professor
Program Chair & Honors Professor
Retailing and Consumer Sciences
650 N Park Ave
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I am personally committed to forwarding world peace through cultural understanding and community development. As a child growing up in Karachi, Pakistan, I was always aware of my social status as a minority because people often made judgmental comments about my religious heritage, especially the fact that my parents practiced different faiths (Catholic and Zoroastrian). When I immigrated as a teenager with my family to Tucson, AZ, people were generally curious about my cultural background (Hispanic and Asian). I struggled, however, to answer their common question, “Where are you from?” because my identity was in transition. Later in university, it was my gender that became socially salient because people often questioned my STEM interests and pursuit of an engineering career. Today, I am both comfortable and confident just being me. Although I am still aware of how people categorize and judge me, I have my own unique sense of self that enables me to explore and embrace the glorious diversity of our world.


Areas of expertise: 

Digital Retailing

Service Delivery

Organizational Diversity

Work Team Effectiveness

Research Focus: 

It was my work experience at Procter & Gamble as a product development engineer that led me to pursue graduate studies in organizational behavior and inspired my initial research on enhancing the impact of diversity in teams. My research on customer interactions and service delivery blossomed during a survey methods course in graduate school and has led to more recent studies of digital coupons and retailing. My current interest in collaborative consumption and related entrepreneurial venture stems from discussions about the sharing economy with Millennial students in my Consumers, Environment and Sustainable Consumption class. I am especially energized by the opportunity to work with industry on research, which I find to be a very rewarding experience.

Current Projects: 
  • Collaborative consumption and employee engagement

  • Digital coupons and retailing

  • Perceived similarity in organizations

Subjects Taught: 
  • Consumers, Environment & Sustainable Consumption (RCSC 150 B1)

  • Introduction to Retailing (RCSC 214)

  • Consumer Behavior (RCSC 340)

  • Senior Capstone — Retail Consulting (RCSC 498)

Select Publications: 

Please contact Dr. Bhappu if you are unable to locate one of the publications listed below:

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