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Mx. Jacqueline Larriva was born and raised in Tucson, Arizona and has long standing roots in the Tucson and University of Arizona (U of A) communities. As a high school student, Jacqueline worked for the Office of Minority Affairs (OMA) at the University of Arizona College of Medicine. As a student employee they worked closely with middle school, high school, college, and medical students. It was their work at OMA that made them realize that they wanted to pursue a career working with students to help them achieve their goals, but they needed to complete their own education in order to assist students.

In 2003 Jacqueline was admitted to the U of A and quickly became involved in a new area of interest, research and scholarship. As an undergraduate researcher Jacqueline applied and was accepted into the Ronald E. McNair Achievement Program where they was mentored by prominent faculty members in their field of interest. In 2007 they received their bachelor’s degree from the Division of Family Studies and Human Development and during their last semester at the U of A they were also accepted to various Ph.D. programs across the U.S. After graduating from the U of A, Jacqueline accepted an offer for the Ph.D. program at the University of Connecticut.

As a first year graduate student they wanted to explore the violence experienced by transgender youth however their research interests changed when they found few studies that looked at other aspects of transgender people’s lives. Their teaching and research foci are positioned from an intersectional feminist framework that examines multiple identities within the context of family of origin and gender expression.

For their Master’s research Jacqueline conducted a qualitative study that included self-identified transgender and queer people from around the U.S. The paper Sex, Love, and the Body: Exploring the sexual and romantic lives of transgender people, discusses transition, love, sex, and the body as shared by the study participants. As a result of their work they received their Master’s degree from the University of Connecticut in the Department of Family Studies and Human Development in 2011 as well as the Distinguished Student Research award from the University of Connecticut Rainbow Center.

While Jacqueline has a passion for research and scholarship they also have a passion for education, mentoring and working with students to achieve their goals. They feel that working with students in student services and teaching courses will allow them to reach a larger group of students and assist them in creating change on the University of Arizona campus and in their local communities.

Jacqueline currently works for the Norton School of Family and Consumer Sciences as the FSHD Internship and Career Development Coordinator, Norton School Graduate Coordinator, and instructor for the FSHD Leadership, Ethics, and Professional Practices course. In their roles at Norton, Jacqueline is able to use their background, education, experience, and knowledge to support, mentor, and educate students on their academic and career paths. In addition to their role at Norton, Jacqueline is also the faculty advisor for Lambda Theta Alpha, Inc.; a Safe Zone workshop developer and facilitator; and a current board member of the Asian American Faculty, Staff and Alumni Association.

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