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Maureen E. Kelly, Ph.D.

Associate Professor
Family Studies and Human Development
650 N Park Ave
Tucson, Arizona 85721-0078
(520) 621-7141

From an early age, I wondered why people make the choices they do.  Over time, this question resulted in my studying how people decide to become researchers, teacher decision-making about methods of teaching and adolescent sexual decision-making.

As a constructivist scholar, I believe that individuals make meaning through interactions with each other and with the environment they live in. I am happiest when I am interacting with others or reading about people. Perhaps this is why I have been a pioneer in delivering courses in alternative formats to those at a distance from campus as a way of including everyone in the conversation. A long time feminist, I have always been a voice for pushing harder, faster and more inclusively for those who are different or less ordinary.

Areas of expertise: 
  • Teacher decision-making
  • Adolescent sexual decision-making
Subjects Taught: 
  • Program planning and evaluation (undergraduate)
  • Adolescent development (undergraduate)
  • Professional presentations (undergraduate and graduate)
Select Publications: 

Please contact Dr. Maureen Kelly if you are unable to locate one of the publications listed below.

Kelly, M.E. & Filbeck, M. Career, Community and Family Connections: Implementation in Family and Consumer Sciences Teacher Education. Journal of Family Consumer Sciences Education, 27(National Teacher Standards 5), 2009,

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