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Family Studies Student Round Table (FSSRT)

2013-2014 FSHD FSSRT
2013-2014 Officers:

President: Rebecca G. Reed
Vice President: Diana Meter
Faculty Representative: Dan Erickson
Graduate Studies Representative: Amanda Pollitt
Graduate Admission and Recruitment Representative: Jennifer Munley
Undergraduate Studies Representative: Alysha Ramirez
Social Liaison: Katherine Paschall
Records Officer/Secretary: Chandni Parikh
Treasurer: Ashley Dixon

The purpose of FSSRT:

  • To promote interest in the Family Studies and Human Development discipline.
  • To provide fellowship among students.
  • To provide a forum for presentation of innovative ideas to the benefit of students.
  • To discuss current research programs in the department and the field.
  • To represent student needs at the departmental, school, and college level.
  • To promote increased exchange among FSHD graduate students.


  1. Any FSHD student at the University of Arizona who pays semester dues iseligible to be an active member and may hold office.
  2. Non-students may not hold office and may not vote.
  3. To maintain active membership, students are expected to pay dues ($5.00) for each semester of enrollment each academic year and encouraged to attend all meetings either in person or by proxy.

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