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Family Studies and Human Development Courses

The curriculum for FSHD majors is designed to provide a strong foundation in theory, research, issues, and applications related to family/interpersonal processes and human development across the lifespan. Complementary coursework provides students with a grounding in social/behavioral and biological sciences, as well as basic skills in research, writing, and communication. Students also complete a focused sequence of coursework in a career-related area of specialization.

Download Academic Program Requirements Checklist.

The Academic Program Requirements for the Bachelor of Science (BS) with a major in FSHD consist of:

  • 36 units of general education coursework (not including coursework needed to demonstrate second language proficiency).
  • 25 units of FSHD pre-major coursework.  
  • 27 units of FSHD major coursework, consisting of courses in lifespan development and family relations. 
  • 9-11 units of complementary coursework in biological sciences and writing skills.
  • 18 units in a thematic minor or a minor in another discipline.

You can download the latest checklist of courses required for the Family Studies and Human Development major. Please note that this checklist may change according to the year that you are enrolled. This checklist will provide you with the information on what courses you need to take, and what requirements you need to meet, in order to obtain a Bachelor of Science (BS) Degree in Family Studies and Human Development.

A note on "Department Consent" - Any courses with the section number containing “900’s” are available to non-UA students in the Outreach college only. The “Department Consent” is a standard note written in for those courses but no department consent can actually be given to allow students to enroll in those courses. You should be able to enroll yourself in the standard section which is for UA students if a seat becomes available which does not contain a 900 number.

Download Academic Program Requirements Checklist.

For the most up-to-date listing of courses offered in Family Studies and Human Development, and for course descriptions, please consult the UA General Catalog.

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